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Define "fast growing"

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I keep finding references to a type of thyroid cancer that is very rare and fast growing. I'm not in the risk group for this cancer, so I'm not that worried about it, but it does have me wondering what determines a "fast growing" nodule? I've tried finding it, and I've not been successful.

My appointment with MD Anderson is July 20th. I'm pretty nervous, but glad to be getting some answers.


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I saw your original question about what fast-growing cancer you've seen referenced before. My mom was just diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma that has metastisized to her bones and lungs. It's VERY rare and only affects less than 5% of the thyroid cancer diagnoses that are made. My sister mentioned that there are only 600 reported cases of it being malignant but I'm not sure what her source of that was. I know it can affect most age groups but it generally occurs well past age 40 (my mom is 57). I hope you have some answers at your appt on the 20th!


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Anaplastic thyroid cancer,is very rare only about 3% and is the fastest deadliest of any thyroid and of the most of all kinds of cancers!

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