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Some good news

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Hi all,

It has been awhile since I have posted, but I do check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing, to celebrate good news, and to grieve, of course, for the losses. One thing that has helped me these past two years, especially at times when I was scared and couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel, was to come on here and read about the good things, the treatments that work, the long term survivors, the long term fighters, etc., so I wanted to return the favor.

A little background: My husband Brian was dx in May 2009, Stage IV with over 11 mets to liver, inoperable, told he had 18-24 mos. at the hospital he was originally dx'd. We live in South Jersey so we chose Fox Chase, where we were immediately told that they do NOT "give expiration dates", there have been many advances in cancer treatment, and that Brian could possibly live with this as a chronic disease.

He has been on chemo for the past two years - currently Folfiri with erbitux (started with Folfox, but had to stop the oxaliplatin, and stopped seeing progress so they switched him to this) for the past two years. He had approx 7 inches of his colon removed in July 09, and did not need a colostomy. He has had a couple rough patches, but overall, handled the chemo really well, and has worked full time through his treatments, with only the days he is on the pump off from work.

In February we were delighted to hear that he had become a candidate for a two stage surgery. They went in and cut out or ablated the tumors on the left lobe of his liver, gave him a break from chemo (wonderful for him!!), and in May they did a portal vein embolization to divert the blood flow from the right side to the left side of his liver, so they can remove the right side entirely. His tumors on the right side had grown while he was not on chemo, so he is back on for 8 weeks (sitting in the chair right now and has two weeks left), then the month of August off, followed by the surgery in September to remove the right lobe, and a shot at being NED - something we NEVER expected, nor did his doctors.

As I said, reading anything hopeful helped me in my darkest moments with this, along with the wonderful kindness extended to me by many on this board (very sadly, some who are gone but not forgotten), so I am posting some good news in hopes of helping someone else.

All of the best to everyone here,

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Thank you for sharing, this is truly an inspiring post. I wish your husband to be ned after the surgery. Its amazing what the medicince and surgery will do for us. I wish you and your husband well. Lori

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Hi Donna:)

So wonderful to see you again - I have missed you. Thank you for your post, I'm so glad that things look so positive for you both. We have seen stoies of "inoperable" only to be followed by operable, so it does happen when you put the work in. You both have surely done that.

I look forward to hearing more good news from you! Made me smile to see your name this evening. Brings back alot of fond memories of when we joined in June '09.

Thanks for reading my good news post and dropping a comment as well. You were one of the ones who could really string some sentences together:) I do miss that.

Take care and ya'll come back now, ya' hear?


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What wonderful news you have shared with us this evening. I am so happy for you and your husband and your family. Please let us know how his surgery goes in September. I am excited for you both.


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this are the news we need here!

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How great it is to hear from you and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news. It really put a smile on my face. You take care.


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Kenny H.
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...Dittos, love reading great news. Keep us updated!

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I'm glad to hear the good news and glad that you chose to share it with us! We need all the good news around here that we can get! :)
I will pray right now that all will go well for your husband as he finishes out chemo and prepares for phase 1 of surgery. The possibility of NED is exciting and gives me hope for myself, as well!


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Thank you so much for sharing. Your Brian's story is very similar to my Roger's except Roger's original tumor is located in his rectum. Dx Nov. 14, 2010 inoperable. But needless to say your story gives me hope. Thanks again Kim

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It's good to hear that there are ways to chip away at this beast until it's treatable.
Take care and all the best to you and your husband.


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I am so happy to hear that you and Brian are doing great! Thank you for sharing the good news :-)

From one resident of "Dirty Jersey" to another, I wish Brian and you continued great health and happiness!


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That is wonderful news about Brian. Thank you for checking in and sharing. :)


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Hey, Donna.

It's good to see a post from you, and it's especially great that you have such good news to share! Keep us posted!


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What an inspirational life. WOW, you and your husband give hope to all of us. Just to hear what new surgeries are available for treatment is so reassuring. The line between treatable and curable has just gotten wider. Praying for a full recovery.

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Donna, that is just great news, and thank you for sharing, was just saying on another post how all the newbies realy need to hear good sucessful stories too. Thanks for popping in and sharing. Keeping you and Brian in my prayers!


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