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Surgery July 20th, this is what I've learned so far

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The 20th seems like such a far way away, and with each day I get more nervous. My 2.9 cm tumor is on my right kidney, it is exophytic, and at the bottom pole. My urologist indicated I am a good candidate for laroscopic robotic partial nephrectomy. Based on my research, and the urologist feedback, the prognosis for open versus laproscopic are equal in these instances.

Although the liklihood of benign is pretty low in kidney tumors (20% possibly), I did read an interesting article that indicated a tumor on the pole of the kidney is 3 times more likely to be benign than if in the cetral area of the kidney. I am trying to stay positive, and this type of article hepls, although I am prepared for worse.

My tumor was found incidentally (screening liver due to elevated enzymes), and even though I did not have symptoms, after being told I had a tumor on my kidney I started having some pain where I think my kidney is. I was discussing this with my back doctor (last november I was hit by someone running red light), and she said that ultrasound should be a standard screen, as it is not really costly and not invasive.

I do admit, I have been reading a lot about RCC, treatments, and all. Not sure at this stage if that is the best, or if I should try to focus on others things for distraction. Don't get me wrong though, I am making sure to spend quality time with my family.

I will update again, as I feel a need to write, or definetly after my surgery.

Take care all, I really do as others have posted, appreciate this site, those that have returned to tell their stories, and provide support to all of us!!


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While it is good to be knowledgable and informed, also please keep in mind reading too much sometimes can send you reeling with anxiety. It's hard waiting and not knowing. Every possible scenario runs through your head. Keep a positive outlook and remember to keep living your life as you did prior to any diagnosis...cancer often is just a turn in the map of life.

I will keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery. Keep us updated.


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If I read every treatment option for my small tumor, like yours, I'd be a basket case. Generally speaking, almost always, surgery is the only treatment required for our small tumors. The articles and treatments you read about on the web refer to huge tumors, and usually ones that have already metastasized. Surgery is usually the only thing needed to "cure" our small tumors. We're the lucky ones! We're lucky they let us hang around these kidney cancer sites; we barely qualify!

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A tumor that small, you may qualify for removal and nothing more if it has not spread. I would recommend Jamie's post on this matter :)

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Read your post and I can understand what you're going through (we all do). Nothing anyone can say will keep you from worrying. That's normal. As you've probably seen in your research, the best 'treatment' for RCC is surgical removal. I think it's encouraging for you that your tumor is small and you can have a partial and have it done laproscopically.

The time may feel like it's dragging but suddenly it'll be here and your surgery will be over. Recovery takes time so remember to be patient with yourself.

I wish you well and please keep posting so we know you're doing ok!


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Hi BG when my mass was discovered accidentailly in October of 2010 I was shocked. However in February I learned that my mass had grown and was probably a RCC. At that point I began to worry . My urologist made it sound so simple just remove the kidney and your cured. The easier they made it sound the more I worried but they were right it wasn't so bad . so take it easy stay informed and visit this site often its where you neeed to be.

Wish you well and I'll keep you in my prays

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Minnesota Girl
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BG - I understand all of what you are feeling. I had a hand assisted lap nephrectomy on July 6 (3 weeks and 3 days ago.) I am definitely still recovering, but getting a little better each day. I hope all went well with you surgery and you are home recovering.

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Thank you Minnesota Girl ! home and recovering, but had to go back in to get re-steri sripped after staples were removed. Making progress, and hope you are doing well also!


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