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spindle cells

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Hi every one!!!

I was just reading all the post and concerns on the spindle cells.. i was sent to do a biopsy this past wed and they gave me the results today ... that everything was ok that it was not cancer that it was just what its call spindle cells but that they were not malignant and that if for any reason my pain will increase or feel unconfortable to go back however not to worry about it ... doc said he still wants to do another ct scan to make sure its still the same n no changs withing that time but after reading all this i am all confuse now ...

does anybody know if we can have spindle cells that are not malignant?

anyone knows more about this?

thank u

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Hi : I first would like to ask where you found "all the posts and concerns" on spindle cells, I'd like to read them. Also, I keep researching, and from what I have read "spindle cells tumors" are always cancer, I am no expert, but if I were you I'd have my results sent to a good cancer center for a second opinion, just to be certain. My "spindle cells" were found in a "scrape" biopsy on my arm, so I just had a surgical biopsy and am waiting for the results (due today or tomorrow) and will learn then if I have to have "further treatment" - gotta say, I am pretty anxious. Where, on your body, was your biopsy?

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