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Checking in

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Hi all,

Just wanted to say a quick hello.

I am feeling a bit bruised and battered, but okay. Very tired, nothing new as this seems to be my everyday normal.
I am waiting for more appointments and some results. Hopefully I will have a better idea and a new plan.

Beth, so so happy that you are home. Your strength and courage prove how amazing you are...

Peaceful healing

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Hi Lisha,
Thanks for checking in. You have been on my mind since you left for Texas. Hang in there sweetie and do your best to rest between all of the testing. I'm sooo hoping that by the time you head home you will have a definite plan in place and answers to all of your questions. You are at the top of my prayer list. Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Been thinking about you. So glad you checked in. Seems like so many of our past members never post any longer. Its not like we are saying stay glued to the site or anything.Just a hello every so often would be great. Wonder about them all the time,but what can you do. Just like to know how they are getting along. When I first joined this site over a year ago I had a lot of people on my friends list.Now they never post anymore I removed a lot of them recently ,but left a few.John

miss maggie
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Dear John,

I am not sure if I am on your friend list. I consider everyone my friends, especially
the old timers. Not meaning age of course. In my thoughts everyone on this board is my
friend, including the newbies. I don't have a friend list. The list would be too long.

Don't get too hurt, if once in awhile I don't post. I go online everyday, and read all the
posts. Summer is so busy, and also exhausting with the heat. I try to go out asap, not to
have a high electric bill. Even though my house is zoned, the bill is still too high. I run
to my beach club as often as possible.

All my love and prayers Love Maggie

miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Lisha,

Thanks so much for checking in. I know how hard it must be feeling as you

Yes, I agree. I look forward to hearing from you some good news. Hopefully, now after
all this time, there will be a plan for you as far as treatment.

Yes, isn't Beth amazing. As you are also. Prayers and hope from me. Love Maggie

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Hi Lisha,
I am glad you posted. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you ae. We are leaving on Tuesday on vacation. We are driving from Fl to Al, NC. NY. CN and ending up in Kennybunkport Maine for a wedding. We'll be gone 3 or so weeks. I am going to be checking in as much as possible as I want to know how everyone is. I hope everything goes well and you wil come home with a renewed strength and a new plan. Take care of you Joanie

miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Joanie,

I want to wish you a wonderful vacation for the next 3 weeks. Love Maggie

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