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Ndew chemo treatment-what is it?

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My mother's Dr tld her that the radiation only made her cancer worse. He wants to insert a port for a type of treatment. Can anyone tell me what this procedure entails and what can be expected to happen. He simply closed her file and left the room without answering any of her questions.

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This sounds like chemoembolization or radioblation. This is a method of getting either chemo, (chemoembolization), or radiation,(radioablation), right directly into the tumor. There are little beads of med put directly into or near major arteries that feed a tumor. That will either cut off its blood supply or directly kill the tumor. You need to try harder to get your moms oncologists attention, make another appointment to discuss this in detail. God bless you both and may he give you strength to get through this.

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Is it a port-a-cath that is being inserted? If that's the case, then he probably is going to administer some type of chemo that is best done through the port as opposed to inserting an IV. Chemoembolization (TACE) doesn't require a port as the interventional radiologist makes an incision in the femoral artery and runs a catheter through the hepatic artery and places the drugs as close as possible to the lesion being treated before sealing the vessels that feed it. This procedure both poisons and starves the lesion. I'm not sure how radiofrequency ablation is done, although I don't think a port is used for that either. I hope your doctor gives you more information regarding what he's going to insert and why. You both need to get answers from him to allevite your concerns, don't walk away without one!

I hope this helps. I've had two TACEs and am about to undergo a third, none of which were or will be done through a port. I do also sincerely hope that whatever is going to be administered to your mom succeeds in shrinking her lesions. I'm sending good thoughts you way!

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