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after 7 years still clear

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While I am back due to getting info for my Dad, I just wanted to pass on some good news. In 2004, I had a rad, prost. With it being found in a lymph node and a surprising high gleason of 9, my Dr. recommended radiation and injections of lupron every three months. I am still having the injections with great results. A < 0.1 PSA (basically 0). While my wife and I had initially very disturbing news with the high gleason, I consider myself very lucky and very much the grateful recipricant of many prayers.

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Congrats on reaching this milestone! WOW!


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I'm glad you posted this. People need to see that there is always hope - even with a high Gleason. Best wishes for many more years of zeroes.

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Thanks for the congrats. I hope this does give hope to anyone having cancer, and lots of prayers are for all survivors and supporters of them.

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Welcome backagain,

Thanks for sharing your PCa good news (yes, an oxymoron using those words together!) and encouraging experience with Lupron. It’s nice to read another PCa success story, particularly one involving Lupron, which is often maligned, along with HT, aka ADT.

My husband also has had success with the 3-month Lupron injections which were one part of his primary txs for T3 PCa. His Lupron injections were well-tolerated and used with Casodex to prevent T (Testosterone) flare. He is doing well.

Sorry about your dad. Hope you find the info you are seeking for him. Good luck to you both.

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Congratulations, backagain, on your success. It is truly good to read all of the success stories and give hope to all members of CSN.


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Great news for a seven year survivor. I want to read your post again in your next mile stone with more Zeros on it.

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hello backagain:

I hope to have results like yours. Way to go!


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Hi: I just joined this forum, robotic prostateectomy on May21, 2010, followed by 4 months of Adjuvant Lupron and Casodex, and 34 sessions of IMRT for a total of 68 gry, psa and testosterone checked every month, this month the psa is holding steady at 0.02, testosterone is a little below normal(at 180,total serum, normal begins at 212), my team consists of a great urologist and radiation oncologist at this point in time and in my protocol, 14 months out, congratulations on your seventh year, hope you have many many more 7 year cycles of quality life, an inspiration to me for sure, keep in touch, God Bless each and everyone on this American Cancer site, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you each and every day, tonahawk: pre-op: psa 2.6, 4 of 10 cores positive, gleason 4+4; post-op: psa 0.02, one SV involved, negative nodes, abdominal and ct scan clear, gleason 4+5, tertiary 3. Take care, anyone who wants to write me for mutual support and information, please do, I am tonahawk@msn.com, my name is Tony

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