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Bladder Cancer

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Hi I just became diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, stage 2. WIth the cytoscope, I was able to view the golf ball sized tunor, hanging from my bladder wall. According to the doctor, it was attached to a stalk like substance, so it was easily removed, since it was not in the wall. Had the surgery two weeks ago. I begin my 8 weeks of BCG treatment in a few days. Is there anything I should expect out of the normal side effects?

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So sorry about your diagnosis. I am new to this site and came across your post. In 2001 my dad had Bladder Malignancy: Carcinoma In Situ..so it was "just" a superficial cancer, in the lining. But he was givin BCG treatments for a while. He would go to the Drs office and they would use a urinary catheter to go into his bladder and simply fill the bladder with the BCG treatment, which allows the body to fight off the cancer...he would come home and have to lay down and roll to one side and then the other so that it properly was coating the bladder. Glad your drs got that thing out of you and hopefully this BCG treatment will work for you too! Dad has been cancer free and no setbacks. So hang in there. God bless you!!!!! :o) KAREN

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Thanks for those calming and encouraging words. It was very kind of you to respond. God Bless you.


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I'm Kathy and I had the BCG treatments in 2002 and all I remember about them is that I got really tired but never lost any hair, weight, etc. That stuff is actually bovine tuberculosis cultures. That's why they wear that hazmat getup when they administer it. If you noticed they tell you to clean the toilet with bleach after eliminating it. This is kinda funny...............One time I went home after getting my treatment and was taking off my work clothes and accidentally went to the toilet and urinated. I wanted to kick myself because that stuff is expensive and you're supposed to lie down and roll around until the inside of the bladder is coated before eliminating. Oh well, so far so good. I feel great now and never even think about it anymore.You'll get there too. take good care

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