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bump on tongue

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July 4, 2011 - 9:41am
bump on tongue

I noticed that there is a sore on the side of my husbands tongue and it's on the same side he received radiation on. It protrudes out about a 1/4 inch. I noticed it has been there for a long time. Just a little worried because before treatment he was complaining of his tongue hurting. Is it normal to have an bump for 6 weeks?

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It depends. After radiation, my tounge and mouth had sores for months. My mouth was a mess. Now that my tongue has mostly healed (damn thing still hurts and feels scalded) if I eat something that irritates it, like tomatoes, or pineapple or something acidic, I will get a bump that lasts about a week. This doesn't sound like this is your husband's case. They say to check out any sore or bump in your mouth that doesn't go away after two weeks, so if that is the case, I would get it checked out. Better to be safe.

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Not to alarm you, but it was only when my 'sore throat' turned into a bump on my tongue that prevented me from eating that they discovered I had head/neck cancer.

On the other hand, as sweet indicates and as she, I, and others can tell you, treatment itself may lead to bumps on the tongue, sometimes the result of yeast infection that can be corrected by stuff like Miracle Wash (or Magic Wash, depending on where you live).

Personally, following treatment I was not so concerned about LOTS of bumps on my tongue or in my mouth anywhere, despite the history cited above. But ONE bump would have been of concern due to my history and I would have asked for that to be explored post-haste.

You and your significant other are entitled to the assurance that this is not more cancer, although I would caution that he may be subject to unreasonable tests (biopsies actually hurt, believe it or not) if your insistence pushes the docs beyond their own best advice.

Take care,


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Mouths sores are very command during and after treatment for some time. But if you feel worried by all means call your ENT and have it checked.

Wishing you the best and happy 4th

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I finished radiation six weeks ago and had a followup with the doctor a couple of weeks ago. The day before the appointment I noticed something midway back on the top of my tongue that was sticking up. It alarmed me to say the least. However, the doctor (an ENT) told me it was just an inflamed or swollen taste bud and it didn't bother him the least. It was gone the next day. I've never had one before so I didn't know what to think.

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Two weeks after completion from my chemo and radiation I had a bump on the tongue. At first the docotor pulled out a desolvable stitch that had festered and didn't desolve. He then took a biopsy and later found it to be more cancer. I had 1/2 tongue removed and tongue flap taken from forearm.

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I had a blister on the inside of my cheek for six month's post treatment for rad's & chemo. it popped up once I started chemo & dentist kept an eye on it. It was quite large & nasty & took it's sweet time to go away. I must admit I was very anxious about it! Make sure they are on it!
All my best

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holy crap! I sure hope it's just from the treatment. I will check on it tonight and see if it's still there. I am sure it's nothing because I worry about everything! But, this does have me a little concerned because it's the only bump and has been there going on 7 weeks now. He has had thrush off on (more on than off) for the past few weeks. I say to myslef, the doctors sure have seen it, but if he does not move his tongue a certain way, you cant see it by just looking in his mouth, he has to move the tongue to right, and we know after treatment moving your tongue around is no easy task. Plus, it's the same side he had cancer. Sheesh, I can't wait for his next appt.

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