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fab news for mum today!

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Welll after being told the chemo was failing, today we have been told that the ct scan shows no new growth!!!!! hooray , happy days.
So the plan of action is for mum to have the doxil on thursday, as she was previously.
However, the consultant did say that as her ascites had filled up after only a week, it could be a sign that the chemo is starting to fail :(
Well all I know is that we are over the moon with the results today , I thought we were getting near the end, and after mum being so poorly they were going to say no more.
It was so nice to see mum happy after walking out of there, I think it hopefully has given her a bit more fight, this morning she was in tears saying she just wanted a day of feeling well, heartbreaking, bit I hope this have given her a bit of hope.

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This certianly is good news! I hope she's gets feeling better and nothing can
bring that on anymore than a good report from the doctor. Has the doctor mentioned what type chemo they might try after the doxil? Saying a prayer for your Mom! I know what she means by wanting to feel good. My Mom asked me one day what I would like to do (before I die) I said "I just want to feel good". It took awhile but I sure appreciate feeling good. Another thing not to take for granted. XXXX

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Tina Brown
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I know that Doxil is usually a sceond line treatment so there are lots more chemos out there. My oncologist spoke to me about a third line treatment called Topotecan. I am sure that there are even more chemos that they can try if one fails. Doxil failed for me - I had fluid build up in one of my lungs while I was on it. So they stopped it and I went back on Carbo/taxol.

Hope they can find another chemo for your mum, love Tina xx

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Yes, this is what our mom's (mum's) need! My mom has been on doxil twice in the past year or so and it eventually stopped working. We were fearing the worst, but now with her newest chemo - gemzar, cisplatin, and avastin - her ascites have gone down dramatically and her lymphodema is nearly resolved. There are lots of medicines that they can try when one doesn't work. Hope, hope, hope!

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Tina Brown
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This new chemo for your mom sounds very promising. Its amazing what they can do now isn't it.

Tina xx

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