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"Knock on Wood"

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Joined: Mar 2009

Hi Ladies,

I debated whether to post this with all the serious treatment many of you are enduring but here I go...

After completing a rough regime of chemo and radiation in Nov, retirement from fulltime work, and exercising about an hour a day now - My last 3 survellience follow-ups have been VERY GOOD. I hope this gives others something to shoot for.

Please continue to have hope and faith that you will again enjoy some respite - free from treatment.

All the best, my friends. Mary Ann

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You do indeed give hope, my friend. My belief that our mental attitude plays a big part in how we feel and respond to treatment is reinforced by your posts. Does my heart good to read your of your success.

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Thank you for posting. Good news is hopeful news to all. I remember when we talked part way through you radiation treatment and the horrid pain that you were experiencing during that treatment. My heart just went out to you, and yet aside from commiserating I felt so helpless.

How long will it take, do you think, before we can feel on solid ground? Or, must we be ever vigilant? You must be so very happy. I am ever so thrilled for you.

Love my cyber friend,


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of course we want to know your latest good results. most of us remember how terribly difficult your treatment was, and now rejoice with you in this good news. believe me, i think most of us would prefer to read good news here, than hear about more pain and suffering--of which there is plenty. so please do not hesitate to send on good results. does us all good. how long has it been now post-treatment? 3 or 4 months? with many more to come.


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Now that is great news. Continue to send us those wonderful updates. Thanks for sharing the "very good" with us all.
Hugs from Oregon,

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Congrats! Everyone wants to delve into your joy, as I know you worked very, very hard for this great diagnosis.... we'd feel so hurt if you didn't give us the joyful news.

Now go celebrate with a big bang and adult beverage...

((( hugs )))

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Enjoy remission! I love remission, it doesn't take me long to get into it and all of the pain seems far away. It is a good sign for all of us. Do you walk in Florida? Go to a spa? Or just whittle away at home with home grown exercise?

Love, Diane

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Oh, Mary Ann....I am soooo happy for you! You have certainly had your challenges and so when we read about how good your last 3 surveillance follw-ups have been we are all celebrating! What an accomplishment and keep on doing what you are doing....it is obviously working!

Best to you always!!


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Posts: 1493
Joined: Mar 2009

What a wonderful group of cheerleaders we have here!! Thanks for your support and kind wishes.

I will continue to march on. And literally - I have a goal to lose 13 pounds by Labor Day. Diane, I was walking outside but very hot and buggy and now rainy. I have been getting myself to Gold's Gym last 3 days - burning about 450 calories and about 3.5 miles on treadmill (1 hour). I'm sore - but a good sore!!!

Wishing all the VERY best. Love, Mary Ann

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