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Thank you

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Hi, All For reasons unknown, today was a bit of a bummer.... I checked in on these posts earlier today, and somehow I felt better just reading of everyone's concern for each other. Without even knowing it, your posts uplifted my spirits on a weird day. Thank you. Each of you have a great 4th. God bless

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I'm glad you are feeling better. We all have down days and many times when I'm in that mode, reading others' stories and comments makes me feel better too. I don't know if it's a case of "misery loves company" and knowing that things could be so much worse, or reading all the success stories. Regardless, I'm glad it helped you out of your funk!

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Want to thank you also for helping me through this season of my life. Your advice has been wonderful and very caring.

I too have learned alot on this forum and love reading everyone's post. Although our Doctors tell us that cancer treatments affect each of us differently, it is amazing how similar everyone's stories are.

Bless everyone on these forums =0)

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