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Alcohol intake while being treated for lung cancer

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Can anyone tell me why doctors always say no when you ask them if you can have a few cocktails or a glass of wine with dinner? I know most doctors are anti alcohol but they never tell you the reason why alcohol is bad for you while you are being treated for cancer.

It's the 4th of July and I sure would enjoy a few beers while I have the BBQ going and a few cocktails once in awhile before diner. I am between treatments now. I finished my chemo and radiation a few weeks ago and will start a second round of chemo on the 11th of July. I do drink lots of water during the day so dehydration is not a problem. I did stop all alcohol intake for the seven weeks I was doing chemo and radiation but would like to get back to normal and have a few drinks once in awhile with my friends.

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Our doctor never told my wife not to drink. She even mentioned drinking a bottle of wine on one our trips. My moms dr never told her to not drink.... but I don't wan you to go ama.

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Although my nurse navigator said, "I'm not saying you can't have a single glass of wine," it stands to reason that it's probably not a great idea to dump more toxins into your kidneys, liver, and other relevant vitals while they're trying to clear more poison out of your system than the ordinary person probably sees in a lifetime. In fact, although I'm no expert, I'm guessing the only reason they don't absolutely forbid it (within the bounds of free will) is that they don't want to totally destroy your quality of life if you feel you need a little pick-me-up. If the medicos had the ability, I'm sure they'd ban alcohol intake during treatment 100%, and for good reason.

I also had reason to avoid it because the radiation path crossed my esophagus, and alcohol no doubt would have brought on the inevitable problems there a lot sooner than they actually happened.

If I were you I'd stay cold turkey until I was off the chemo. Alcohol can't possibly improve your chances, and that's job one at the moment. I will admit to partaking of the max Margarita limit at my favorite local Mexican restaurant the minute the clock struck one month after my last treatment, though!

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Sorry to mispell wine. I concur with the above guitar player. I also will say that alcohol metabolizes in your body as sugar. Cancer loves sugar. I stayed away from it, I was already worn down but was told a glass of wine with dinner was ok. Not 3 or 4----one. Wait till it's over then celebrate.

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My thought is if a person needs to ask about the alcohol intake for which the Doc say's NO, the person may have a issue with it. If a person cant leave it alone, this is an issue that needs to be addressed, with or without cancer.


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When my mom had radiation on her torso (after whole-head radiation), her radiologist suggested a glass of red wine per night to lessen side effects. She didn't want it, but just thought I'd throw that out there. Good luck with your treatment. Thinking of you.

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