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Chemo not working

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Has anyone one else experienced this. My partner has stage 4 bladder cancer and gone thru chemo treatment and it did not work. They are going to try a nother type of chemo. What other options do we have at this point?

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Hi Blecs:

I really can't say what options you have, but did he/she have the bladder removed? I had stage 3a with an agressive tumor and the doctors said my bladder had to go because the cancer had gone into and thru the muscle of the bladder wall. How far has the cancer spread? I did have three types of chemo after I had my bladder removed and have been good for the last year so far.

If you're wondering about an alternative approach to consider besides conventional treatments, I'll try to find an article I read recently and make it available to you. Just let me know. I wish you and your partner well.

Stage 3a Bladder Cancer, Urostomy 06-30-2010
Very Aggressive Tumor.

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My partner has now been on the new chemo since my last post and she has lost over 80 Lbs of body fluid that she had gained during the first series of treatments that did not work. She still has her bladder and we have a doctors visit and PET scan two weeks from now as she is doing her last chemo tomorrow. She no longer has any pain either and I will find out from the doctor in two weeks what is going to happen next.

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I was just diagnosed with Stage 4, M-1 bladder cancer and have been told that there is no cure, only delaying tactics, because it's too advanced and has spread everywhere. Sorry. If I come across something I will let you know via this site. Hang in there.

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When you say spread everywhere, are you meaning other major organs and your bones?
My partner only has it in and around her bladder and the immediate limphnodes around her bladder, no where else.

We will keep you in all our prays and thought and I will also keep you updated as to my partners progress, and hopfully there is light at the end of the tunnel for you as well.

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