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Hair loss & changes

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Bringing this subject over from those of us who started the subject under "Rare and other" types of cancer.

Have I said to you Tina that, like Cheryl, I really like your bald look. Really suits you. Not everyone can do it.

As for my own look, after mine started to regrow, my sister firs observed that it had grown back white. I had been mostly grey before. In terms of colour, I'm easy to please. I'll just say that I've put in a new colour "Platinum Blonde" :) I have no problem with being white.

On other hand, I *do* miss my few wavy curls that I've had since birth. Maybe it's just the fact that it's not long enough yet except to brush it, and brushing it down keeps the curls away. I must try messing it a little with my fingers while it's still wet - but it's definitely straighter than it's ever been. Not a look I like.


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Hi Aussie Maddie! I'm hoping my new hair texture stays - mine seemed to have changed texture within the follicles from the first chemo treatment of cisplatin/gemcitibine and so didn't result from falling out, just breakage. And I like it! Better for me than straight. But I hear it takes about 2 years to get back to "normal". Can't tell if it has changed colour as I know that is grey but I colour it! Just keeping it in condition is tough so I put on night leave-in conditioner and that helps.
So, what kind of peritoneal cancer do you have? I assume either primary or from ovarian as your hair fell out?

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Tina Brown
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Thank you for your compliment. That photo was taken when I had just lost my hair. Now I have about 1 cm growth that has taken just over 3 months to grow. The texture of my hair is "baby soft" and mostly my original colour - black. However I do have some grey hairs at the front.

Last year I managed to go 9 months before I had to loose my hair again and in that time I needed to have it cut TWICE !!!!!!!!! As it grew back it did have a "fuzzy" texture like it had been over permed. But after the second cut it was looking lovely and I was so disappointed to loose it.

As it was growing I used to use "sculpting wax" to make it look funky and to give me a spikey fringe. It is a pity there is no where on here to show photos, but I will change my profile picture to show the progress of my hair growth. Hair gel and wax are great products and you can play about with them to get a good look.

Love Tina xxx

Best Friend
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I will agree that you are a woman who rocks the bald look:)

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Tina Brown
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I've changed my profile photo. It is how my hair looked after 6 months of growth last year.

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Although I never lost my hair (Folfox chemo), it did become dead straight - something the likes of which no one in my family has ever experienced! I actually liked it better. However, about 2 years post chemo, my curly frizz returned.


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I lost my hair twice, completely bald. It really didn't bother me and I loved scarfs and hats. Unfortunately, it was the early 90s and Sinead was very popular (I was teased a lot). Second time, I wore a wig, which helped society with my difference but I longed for the hats.

My straight hair came back curly, then long banana curls. I loved them!
Now I'm back to my straight hair again that's graying way too soon. Heading to the salon this Friday for the brunette' return. :)

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...just wondering you said you lost your hair in the 90's....have you had peritoneal cancer that long.....???

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