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Phillieg enjoyed

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I really enjoyed your thread and everyones different beliefs and now my faith is getting so week, i need prayer for my faith more than cancer, even tho i had bloodwork monday to check for cancer markers, then today my onc nurse called with an appoitment for a mri to check my brain, which he has never did, and my belief is, without faith you cannot enter the gates of heaven. I just want back my faith. blessings Denise

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As you can see, there are many different thoughts on what happens to us after we die. I think it's puzzled mankind since we became aware of our being. I do not believe there is any right or wrong answer, it's all about what each of us believes (since people do not die and come back to tell us what to expect).
I would ask that you don't be so hard on yourself, you're going through a lot. I understand from what you say about your beliefs that you'll be OK in the end.

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