2nd round of chemo?

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I seen my Oncologist yesterday after completing 6 weeks of chemo carbo/taxol once a week and 35 radiation treatments. I had no side effects at all from either treatment. My Oncologist wants me to take two more chemo treatments. One next week then one again in three weeks then do a Pet scan. I don't understand why he wants to wait to do a Pet scan but I think it has something to do with the radiation treatments. He feels the chemo is working but is not sure how well it has worked and will change the combo after the Pet scan if it has not worked that well.

Has anyone else waited this long for a pet scan? does this course of treatment sound right. I do trust my Oncologist but am wondering if this sounds normal.


  • AlanRinHBG
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    the wait
    Same here. They said the chemo and rads need to do some work for a while before checking on results. Those weren't their exact words but it made sense. Be patient.
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    My onco never scheduled a PET scan after my treatments ended about a year ago, and from what I've asked him since, I don't think he's planning to, in the absence of symptoms. It seems like a philosophy thing, and I've never pressed him that hard on it, because I think I'm hearing the statistics in the background whenever I raise the subject.

    Your onco may be different, but just to let you know that not having one done right away isn't unheard of.
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    yup, except I had a CAT
    I had to wait a month or two because they wanted inflammation from the radiation to go down so they could get a clear view.
    Good Luck!