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Well Mom's face swelled up again after having TX

sleepless in jersey
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Mom seems to have chipmunk face after TX and there starting to think its poss. a reaction to the decadron that she gets in her IV before TX. Is there anything else she could get besides Decadron with her Taxotere the Onc has'nt suggested anything besides to take a benadryl the other day.
My last posting with Mom poss. with cushinoid, she started herself on ya ready "gold bond" for her face very red and peeling. Well it worked, she was so happy. Now people dont stare now or say silly things like oh honey sunburn??

Thanks for any suggestions!

stayingcalm's picture
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Possibly the doctor could reduce the level of Decadron she's getting? I remember the big chipmunk face I had after surgery to remove a brain tumor, followed by whole brain radiation...the good news is that it does go away pretty quickly after treatment =)

sleepless in jersey
Posts: 185
Joined: Feb 2011

Hi Deb~ Thanks for your thoughts.
Mom swears its from the Dec, but when she called the Doc to tell her I really think that its from that she said I will have to call over to the infusion room to see how much there giving you so well see what the next step is. Mom thinks its 10mg in her IV that there giving her.
The good news is she has two more TX of taxotere than its Onc appt. than the waiting of the scans...

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