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Wheatgrass and Chemo

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Is it save to drink wheatgrass juice while taking chemo?
I am asking because I made the mistake of taking Vitamin C supplements during my first 15 treatments of chemo. I do not want to put myself at risk again, especially now that I have only 3 more treatments to go.

If you have taken it, where did you buy it?

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I am almost done with chemo.. one more round to go and I have taken wheatgrass juice. I only do 1 shot a week but plan on increasing it to 5 days aweek once I am done. I truly do believe it has helped me bounce back quickly after chemo and helps keep me healthy in between treatment. I have read nothing but good things about it, I read one shot of juice is equal to 2 1/2 pounds of vegtables.
I live in the ny area and there are health food stores that grind the grass in front of you and give you the juice. There are kits online that you can buy, I am looking into doing this.

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From what I've read, wheatgrass is very therapeutic during chemo because of its high chlororella content, extremely nourishing to the intestinal and immune systems. You can probably safely take it three to five days a week.

For that matter, there is a wonderful supplement called ProGreens that comes in a jar. Taking one tsp of it each morning in water (recommended by my integrative doctor) before and during chemo and radiation fortifies your system with many good elements--chlorella, spirulina, probiotics, and ingredients that have all been shown in clinical studies to support you during chemo.

I can't say it tastes good but neither is it at all offensive. I'm convinced it has helped me greatly.


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i was reading your comments and I read where you mentioned wheatgrass has chlorella in it. I think you meant chlorophyll, Some here might not know what you meant. Wheat grass is chock full of chlorophyll and I agree is super for what ails ya.

Enjoy the fourth,


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