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Still feeling tired after chemo and radiation treatments

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I finished my chemo treatments two weeks ago I had carbo/Taxol once a week for six weeks and radiation treatments for seven weeks once a day and finished those treatments last Friday June 17th.

I am wondering if it was normal to still feel tired and worn out more so now then when I was taking the treatments. I also have developed a dry cough and will be seeing my oncologist today for a follow up visit to see what's next I guess.

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Chemo is strong medicine. It will take time to rid your body of the medicine and longer still to recover your strength. Ask your oncologist how you can build your body back. Now that you are finished with chemo, he may be okay with supplements to help replenish those nutrients lost during chemo. A rainbow diet(lots of veggies) and plenty of protein will likely be okay. Ask him for recommendations. Walk daily, even if it only around the living room. Gradually you will be ready for a walk around the block. Meanwhile, don't feel at all guilty about taking extra naps.

Even after the scans said my lungs were fine, I had a cough. Of course, it worries me all the time that the cancer is back, but the docs assure me that it is not. Finally (like after two years of coughing...)I went to the pulmonolgist, which is the doctor who specializes in breathing problems. He has me now on meds for asthma and allergies. Sometimes I get bronchial infections too that don't clear up as easily as they did before diagnosis with cancer. The oncologist is great for the cancer meds, but really doesn't help me with so-called "normal" coughing problems. So if your oncologist doesn't seem worried or able to help, consider a referral to yet another doctor! And don't wait as long as I did.

By the way, most doctors can check your oxygen level in a few seconds in the office to make sure it is okay. Low oxygen level definately contributes to fatigue and there are things they can do to help that too.

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delta, I was advised that rads continue to 'cook' for quite some time after the last session, so consider yourself still being treated in that regard. I didn't have lung rads (head/neck rads for seven weeks daily) but understand that they can be rather trying physically.

As cabbott says, take it easy, give yourself some time.

Hope all goes well at next meeting with OncoMan.

Take care,


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I had some fatigue while going through chemo (carbo & taxol) and concurrent radiation (35) treatments. About 2 weeks after treatments ended i hit the wall, fatigue and shortness of breath was really bad, i thought i was a dead man, this lasted about 3 weeks and slowly got much better. Will be 3 years this August since last treatments and really doing great. We all have different side effects, hang in there it will get better.... Dan

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I was on essentially the same treatment regimen as Dan about a year ago, went into it in excellent physical shape (other than the obvious), pretty much cruised through it, and I really didn't start feeling all that great until about 4 weeks afterwards. At two weeks I think I was starting to believe there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but I didn't reach the end of the tunnel until a couple weeks after that.

You're definitely too early to jump to any conclusions. Hang in!

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Thanks for the input. It makes me feel a lot better that it is normal to feel a bit tired after the treatments are done.

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