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Will colonoscopy always freak me out?

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Steve Z
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Joined: Sep 2009

I'm almost 2 yrs NED I have no reason to suspect any issues, but I'm nervous. I guess it's because this is how I found out 2 years ago.

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Joined: May 2005

They freak out "healthy" people.
I would think that there will always be some nervousness with them.
Glad to hear you're 2 years out with NED.

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Joined: Jan 2009

Maybe not. Less and less so for me, 7 years out now. I've had sooo many, I even go in by myself, just have someone drop me off and pick me back up, even the prep has become pretty routine. I still have that twinge of anxiety about the results of the scope and the bloodwork results, but less and less each time.
Pam good luck with yours!!

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Nervous? Why would having someone shove a six foot tube up your butt make you nervous?!? Don't get a colonoscopy don't at a cheap facility. The JVC camcorders they duct tape on the end of the tubes do not do well in low light!

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I'm sure you have seen it ,but my GI has that famous cartoon of how they did colonoscopies in prehistoric times on her wall,shades of Police accademy. Ron.

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