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lung biopsy results from hospital

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Hi All,
I got my lung biopsy results from the hospital back yesterday (right as I was walking out the door to go get chemo). No fungus in the lungs! They did, however, find a type of a staph infection in the biopsy, so I have been given antibiotics for that. They said it's possible that it was infected from the nose by the tube going down my nose, throat, then into the lungs as most everyone has staph in their nose at all times without it harming them (I didn't know that). They didn't know for sure, so thought a two week antibiotic course was in order.

I was supposed to have an appt today (Wed) with a doctor from the pain clinic. I was halfway to San Diego when I got a call on my cell phone from them informing me they just discovered that my insurance didn't approve my appt with them. Apparently, my insurance sent a letter to them that they thought was an approval, but it wasn't. It was a letter to them informing them to tell me that it was not approved, but they suggested to me that I might want to seek an appointment with another particular doctor (who is closer to my home), but that I would need to pay for it myself. Great... I called that office and they said the dr. is only there on Thursdays and they did actually have an opening. They are going to do my appt with them "pro bono" (free on their volunteer basis). I am most grateful for that!


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That is wonderful! 2 good pieces of news for you! That is great that the place will work with you without charge. Best of luck to you. Keep us informed on your progress!!



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Fantastic Lisa, good news anything Pro Bono is always good.
Best to you,

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Hi Lisa,
I hope the antibiotic clears things up for you.

I love that the other doctor's office is going to see you at no charge. I hope the pain gets under control.

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


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What a shame your insurance switched clinics "for you." Good news that your appointment will be free of charge. Almost went to a pain clinic after this last surgery but decided against it. I suppose it's good that you have one closer by your house. They should all specialize in the same drugs, so it comes down to the case of the doctor and your rapport with them.

Glad all else is well:)


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I am glad that you are getting some answers. I pray that you are able to get the help you need at the pain specialist tomorrow. Let us know!


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Nana b
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Great to hear! Please take care of that infection, since you are on chemo. Anyone on chemo is not suppose not to be close to anyone that has a staph infection; did they discuss this with you? Just wondering... watching out for you, my friend!

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Hi Raquel,

No, they didn't tell me I can't be near anyone else going through chemo. They acted like the staph they found was a "lesser" kind & very treatable- not like the resistant MRSA, or anything like that, thank goodness. I will definitely take my meds and be a "good girl". :)

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Great news, Lisa! I hope the new doc gets your pain on the right track - the rails leading to Nowhereville :)

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That's great to hear. Sorry that the one doctor's office didn't actually READ the letter from the insurance company. Maybe you could have gone to them anyway and not signed the check since they're not too interested in "details".

I've had the NG tube before. Must be up there with water-boarding as far as "enhanced interrogation" goes.

I'm glad things worked out for you.

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dear lisa you must be really frustrated.

i hope the pain gets sorted.

prayers and hugs,

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i hope the infection gets better soon...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Oh Lisa, I'm so glad you got the "good" news as far as no fungus lungs!

Also glad for the blessing of the Free appt....

HUGS to you!!


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What kind of insurance do you have Lisa? Seems they give you so many problems, I hate to see you go through all that crapola, when you have so many other things to worry about. But very glad to hear the new doc is working with you, but I am a bit concerned because the meds are going to be expensive, do you have coverage for that?


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