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Vitamin C and Chemo

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I have been taking a lot of Vitamin C in powder, and thought I mentioned to my doctor.
Talking to another patient today, she told me that Vitamin C could interfere with chemo effectiveness. I have been taking 400 mg twice a day to avoid getting a cold. I am scared now that after 15 treatments, I have 3 more to go, maybe the Vitamin C has strengthen the cancer cells. My doctor is on vacation until next week.

Any info?

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but my daily intake from food is about 600-1000mg of vit C. And if I feel like I take one tea spoon of powder with water ( about 5g )

During radiation I was on 12g a day. It was 3 years ago.

Check www.doctoryourself.com

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Well, it looks like you were taking way more than what I was taking.
Thank you very much.

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s I don't take vitamins during chemo because it is not well studied. My Gyn Onc told me to take two flintstone vitamins during chemo. VitaminC does not really help with colds. I don't think what you did will hurt you but I would talk to oncologist before taking any more.


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my doc warned against taking lots of Vit C - said it is antioxidant. He did not give me dosage info. I would suggest to NOT take more than a multivitamin during chemo. There is probably some info in the chemo literature. You might also consult with your chemo nurse.

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My regimen prior treatments included a full line of vitamins (antioxidants, C, A, E, etc) and I did ask my doc about it affecting chemo. He told me there's not much research on this stuff and how it interferes with chemo, therefore, suggested I only limit to a multi-vitamin and dig into lots of good fruits and vegies. Did just that and after chemo, started up slowly with my full line of supplements.

I'd watch it as many vitamins/antioxidants can interfere with chemo, so why take a chance. Let the chemo go full blast and get those little cancer cells...later kick in the supplements when you're healing.

One thing I was suggested, keep up with Whey protein shakes and lots and lots of water.


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Lack of large studies hold the jury out on whether much C can impede chemo from working.

However, there ARE recent studies concluding that C enhances the action of taxol (paclitaxel); whether it impedes carboplatin is another question.

During my first three rounds of this chemo regimen, I abstained from C as its use is a bit controversial.

But I can't help noting that four major books by well-credentialed authors ALL advocate at least 1500 mgs a day during chemo.

They are books by James Murray, Dr. Russell Blaylock, James Quillen, and Dr. Keith Block--who runs a large clinic for integratie treatment of cancer in Illinois. Qullen and Murray have held prominent positions with CTCA as nutritional connsultants. Block and Blaylock are bonafide doctors, Blaylock a neurosurgeon with an acute interest in nutrition and cancer.

ALL advocate 1500 to 3000 mgs a day of C (Blaylock, in the form of magnesium absorbate) during chemo.

You may all know that Dr. Jeanne Drisko, at the Univ of Kansas, is running a major study on the efficacy of antioxidants during treatment of gynecological cancers. She is doing so, I deduce, in part because of a few cases in which women even with advanced ovarian cancers who TOOK C and a few other antioxidants during chemo wound up with long remissions, esp
when they followed this treatment with intravenous C.

The results of her study should be coming out soon.

During my last three rounds of chemo am tempted to take 500 mgs of C two to three times a day because of all this endorsement. Will be doing more research next week, however.


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what about Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel price recipient for vitamin C?

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Pauling's Nobel Prize for Chemistry was not for Vitamin C but for the nature of the chemical bond ---which I cannot even begin to understand. He sure was one brilliant scientist! He received the Nobel Prize many years before becoming interested in Vitamin C. His research and conclusions about C were highly controversial.

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he had 2 Nobel prizes and I can't see why it is highly controversial. If somebody is dying in 93 because he is falling from horse, I'm going to follow what he is saying.
Same like Norman Walker. I don't care if he died 118 or 99 years old, for me he is one of my fist raw food guru.

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