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Why did I get a disease that usually hits Caucasian women from 60-64? I am only 32

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I am 32 and I was 31 when I was diagnosed with a cancer that is common in Caucasian white females between the age of 60-64. I am 32 African American female. What happened???

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As always, I'm sorry that we had to meet this way. You have asked the 64 million dollar question. Why have any of us gotten OVCA? Some of us have family histories, but that only makes it more likely that we could be diagnosed. My husband asked my doctor this very question and he said that if he had an answer for him, they would name the hospital after him.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Wow, 32 is so young for this disease, even for a caucasian. So sorry you drew the short straw. Genetics undoubtedly played a role. But there are other things that put individuals at risk for this disease. The book Anti-cancer discusses a number of the contributors and it contains useful information for any cancer survivor.

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the median age is 63. That means half of the women are under that age and half are over. Ovatian cancer does not seem to discrimate. It goes after all women.


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I was diagnosed at age 30. My ovca is not genetic, just random bad luck.
Best wishes to you.

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I was diagonesd in Feb, age 31. I had genetic testing and it was negative. It's just bad luck. But feel free to complain or ask questions that what this board is for

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