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ground glass

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Hi I am from the CRC board. Can someone tell me what ground glass in the lung mean? thanks

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To the best of my knowledge ground glass means "Hazy". My lungs were hazy on my first CT Scan in 2009 - no mention of ground glass opticates after that on my other CT Scans. Julie

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From Dr. Sanborn at CancerGrace.org:

"The most common cause of ground glass images is inflammation or infection, not cancer or BAC. When a person has had a pneumonia, we can see ground glass findings for quite some time. If these are found after cough or infection symptoms, the most common first step is to perform follow up imaging. This usually is performed between a month and several months later, depending upon the look on the CT and the level of concern of the doctor or patient. BAC does indeed move very slowly, and what we are looking for is for evidence that the ground glass images are improving. This would point very strongly to a benign source, and away from the need for invasive procedures such as a biopsy. Even in the case of "stable" images, there are times where ongoing monitoring may be more appropriate than moving directly to a biopsy. This is particularly the case if the areas are small or difficult to reach without a significant surgery.

In short, although BAC can and does occur, most often ground glass images represent benign causes."

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I recently had "ground glass opacities" noted on both an x-ray and later a ct scan. A brochoscopy was performed and some samples were taken. The results were negative and my doctor told me he thought the markings in my lungs are due to scarring from my radiation treatments. I have read that this scarring may not show up until 6 months after rads are completed. Mine showed up right at 6 months.

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