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i forgot your name in 2 minutes, i know your into music, after money, medicine, other things, people keep stealing from me, alice cooper poped into my head-no more mr guy, it made me think of you. blessings denise

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cooky, i hope you are not implying that i am not a nice guy? I do my best, I really do. And I do not understand the reference to money and medicine, as I do my best to get off of medicine as quickly as I can, thinking that means I am getting better, and I have never put money ahead of other things in my life, including music.

Perhaps I misunderstood. If not, I apologize for however I offended you.

If I got you thinking about Alice Cooper, though, it wasn't a totally bad day :).

Take care,


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I was not implying that you were'nt a nice guy. It was just that when I posted that everyone was using && stealing from me and the song 'No more mister nice guy' popped into my head and i thought of how you sometimes put music to your post. blessings denise

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