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Looking for expertise in Northern California

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Hello everyone-
I'm a member of the breast and uterine cancer boards and this inquiry is because I'm trying to help my neighbor. I don't see a separate board for pancreatic cancer, so I'm starting here.

Anyway, my neighbor was recently diagnosed with a rare form pancreatic cancer. He was told he's 1 in a 100 and "they" really don't know how to treat him, so are going to try radiation. He's afraid and very confused about treatment options and is looking for a second opinion from someone who has expertise in pancreatic cancer. He does not understand anything about his cancer.

Just wondering if you have any suggestions? We're outside of Sacramento so close to UC Davis, UCSF, and Stanford.

Thanks for any thoughts. As you all know, life was going along merrily for him and then someone tells said "you have cancer" and suddenly his whole world is turned upside down.


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