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crc mets

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I new to this site. I am hoping to find support and information.
I was dx with CRC last yr and underwent surgery, radiation with oral chemo and 6 months of iv chemo...my followup scan in May showed mets to both lungs. I'm now starting chemo again. CPT11, 5FU, Avastin. Is anyone out there on this or have experience with it? My first round started the diarrhea and abd cramping with eating. Any advice?


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Welcome to the board and sorry you had to find us. You will find a lot of support and answers to your questions. I've not been on the chemo that you are on now (except the 5FU), but there are others that have been and will be able to tell you about it and any tips that they might have to help you get through the cramping, etc. Please post back and let us know how you are doing.


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I had this chemo regiment and I can say the diarrhea is bad my advice there is just stay close to the bathroom and let it run its course and when you think you can't handle it anymore, shower and take imodium and a sleeping pill. As far as the abd cramping you will have to deal with these your own way. but me a mj are good friends. (lol).

I am currently not in treatment now. So I am sending good vibes and lots of prayers.


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i have had a recurrance it is in one lung and my liver.i am on irritatecan + avastin.i have the delayed diarrhea and when i have it i mainly stick to the brat diet.for the abd cramping i take prescribed meds for that.hope you do well....Godbless...johnnybegood

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My hubby is on CPT-11 and Avastin (no 5FU). Yes the diarrhea can be really bad. George ended up hospitalized for 4 days because of dehydration, low potassium and the diarrhea. Make sure you are using the Immodium AD. George got a prescription for Lomotril (sp) but it was not very effective so back to the Immodium AD.

Make sure you incorporate the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) into you diet. It did make a difference for us. As an example in the morning along with no-acid juice he has toast and a banana and always applesauce with dinner. Gatorade is good to replace the electrolytes lost. Favorites here are the rasberry melon and orange, low calorie Gatorade. Powerade or any other works but George likes the Gatorade (low cal) best.

It can be hard but drink, drink and then drink more. If you can, stay away from caffeine and go easy on the greens, salads (per the hospital).

Take care - Tina

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