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My hubby is my best friend, He is the world to me. He does not always say the nicest things and once in a while hurts my feeling, but you know that is what happens in life. I am sure there has been times I have done this to him. When the Big "C" came into our life there was days and still are days that we just don't like each other much. We still love each other always will, but one in a while we are just different. One thing we have always shared is every night we kiss each other and say I love you as if it would be the last time we heard the others voice. Even when we were mad at each other and wanted to slap the tar (bad way to say it) out of each other. We knew that it would pass. He has been and always will be my first love and last. I hold on to this and hope. Hope is the one thing we can sahare with everyone . a smile on a bad day, a joke or even a Debbie cake. it does not take much to open others heart if you are willing. Everyone knows I am not a speller! But they also know that I care . I have hope and I see it in my heart one day there willbe a cure.
Anyway saying that I just want you all to know you have always been wonderiful to me. I love you all and I hope for you.
I hope you all know how special you are to me. How you opened your arms and gave me comfort when I so needed it. You have make me stonger in knowing how,what, and when to do things for my hubby. You all just don't know what a special group you all are . Together we are a family. We agess and disagree, we have ups and downs but at the end of the day the one thing we all have is hope . love you all my friends. Debbie cakes

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Amen!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Very well said. Kim

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tanker sgv
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I believe words are the most powerful tool of expression and you said it best "I love you all and I HOPE FOR YOU" The power that sentence posesses truely made me feel like someone i never met or talked too realy HAS HOPE that my life will prosper. i was a caretaker for my family who has scince passed, maybe the sence of haveing a cheerleader on my team sidelines when i have lost all my fellow players; gave me HOPE. Thankyou

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Your words are so beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that you are so special and wonderful too !!
I miss chatting with you late at night. I hope to be able to talk to you soon.


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Greg my hubby had his Chemo, he is very weak, some days are harder than others but hope is still there. I thank you all for making me feel not so alone. I don't drive much nor do I go very much. This has been the one place I can go and say what is on my mind and in my heart and people understand. They know how I feel if Greg has a bad day or I have a bad day. Strange that a awful thing like cancer had to brang us together. But in this chat site I found hope. it is sad that anyone has to come here but even so , I am glad we can come here. While not all of us feel the same all the time we still "get it" . We are just people from all walks of life. We have a common enemy called Cancer.
Each day I hope and I pray (maybe not something you do or how you would do it). I believe we are all stronger for having this site to let us know we are not alone. I wish for each of you the same things I wish for myselfand my hubby Greg. You are all in my heart each day. Some thing stands out in my mind when my hubby's aunt who raised him was close to the end, I took my Children to a church down the street.THere was a statue of Mother Mary big as life . I swear it looks as if she had a tear falling from her eyes. Even Mother Mary looked sad. At that moment I knew I could not ask to let Greg's aunt live or die . That I had to ask for peace and in that way I felt relief . So in thinking that I want to ask peace be with you followed by Hope is what we all need and peace to follow. I hope this makes sense to you all.

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Peace and hope to you as well. And hugs.


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Karen, hope and humor I think Soccer Joe speaks of , some days it is hard to find. You have to dig deep with in yourself to find. But each day I try to remember that . I admit somedays very hard to find, but it may be I am looking so hard for it. It does not mean I don't cry, I don't feel. It just means If I give up hope I have nothing left to give to my hubby. We are best friends and even in that there are times we don't see eye to eye on things. I think when cancer comes into our life, we take somethings we have always done like get mad or not agree and it gets away from us for fear we will hurt each other or say something we can not take back.

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Tina Blondek
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Hey ZinnieMay!
So happy to see you posting. Thank you for always being here for us as well. We are a family. God bless you, Greg and your family. May he continue to give you the peace and patience you all need. We are always here for each other. I will continue to think of you and pray for you daily!
Tina in Va

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zinniemay, Who cares about spelling; it's about what's in your heart. And your heart is full of love and hope. My hope for you and your family is that they find a cure for your husband soon. I hated that they could not save Mike (my husband passed away Jan. 23 of this year), but I keep hoping that NO ONE else will have to go through losing their love. Your husband and family are very lucky to have you.

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Thank you I think it is hard to express things when you can not spell them! Sometimes it comes off as slly. I just know I try and I try and I don't give up. Hope is one thing that we all share.
Thank you and everyone who took time to post .

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I thank you for posting.

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Hope can be defined in so many different ways. My definition has changed since cancer entered our lives. At first I hoped my husband would survive. Then I hoped for less pain. In the end I hoped for peace. My husband never stopped hoping. He wore a Relay for Life bracelet that said hope for almost the entire six years he fought cancer. His hope was for healing instead of curing. As a Christian, I know that hope was realized. Hope is still a part of my life today. My hopes are for grandchildren to know that their grandfather is still a part of their lives, that we find a cure for cancer, that we all find our own healing and peace. Yes, I could go on and on. I have many hopes. I am determined to live my life to it's fullest. Hope is an important part of that. Without hope, dreams can't come true. I have a purse whose sales supported cancer research. It has several sayings on it that I like, but the one I like best is, "One does not define hope. One lives it.". I think we can learn that from cancer and loss. Keep hope alive. I wish everyone here hope and peace, too. Even when times seem hopeless, we need to find our hope. Fay

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Posts: 534
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Fay , we have not really chatted. I have followed your post. I am inspired by you . I find so much comfort in your post.
Hope is something we all could use. One day cancer will be no more. I do believe this. That is my hope for all.
Thanks Fay for all your post.

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