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Neuroblasmoma and equinovaro foot

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Hi, my kid is 4. She had i neuroblastoma whan she was 8 months near and around spinal column. Now she have a equino foot. Someone here had some like this? Thanks.

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I just have a few questions,,,
I'm not sure if I can help,,, but hope I can,,,

was the actual spine or nervous tissue damaged as a result of either the tumor or the operation? and is there consequential paralysis in anyway??? (I'm asking because neuroblastoma arises from neuroblast cells, but this doesn't necessarily mean that healthy nerve tissue is affected, cause as I'm sure you know, the cells involved in the tumor formation can be in non-clasical-nervous tissue (the spinaal cord or brain,,, in fact, I believe it is more common to arise elsewhere,,,) ,,, which could result in no nervous damage if the tumor or the operation doesn't damages the nervous tissue as a result of it's growth)

is the equino foot bilateral?

and could the doctor help in anyway? cause I'm assuming your daughter goes to regular checkups,,,

I believe there are two main sub groups of the condition which could be a result of muscle paralysis or bone malformation,,,

I am not a specialist, so I can't say what is the best option,,, but I think depending on the underlining cause, the way to deal with it could differ,,, >.<

sorry I can't be of much help,,,

hope everything goes well :)

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