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Started a blog

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Hi, everyone.

I've been going through sort of a rough time emotionally. Too many people who are very dear to me getting diagnosed with cancer, plus losing too many dear ones. So, in addition to staying rather quiet here (and apparently the quietness has not been noticed!), I have also started a blog. If you are interested in reading it, you may find it here:



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I'm interested, Gail! I will check out your blog soon.


P.S. It seems like several have been quiet on the board lately. I've noticed that sometimes when I reply to a post on the board that I check back a couple of hours later & sometimes I'll still be the last one to post- threads don't move down as quickly as they used to. That's sad to me- I know some have stopped reading and/or posting due to sadness of losing so many friends here to the cancer beast lately & others have left due to some of the bickering and negative reactions to posts where people were sharing what they felt worked for them. It's sad that those people didn't stop and think how reactions would affect others on the board. :(

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I am still here and will be here to support you and the others!

I am currently in US visiting my sister and do not have much time to login to Internet. I hope your pain is under control now!!!

Best wishes and hugs,

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dear gail,

you give such great support and care here. the blog sounds like a good idea, i have a friend with lung cancer and then our friends here on the board. today was wonderful for me and the wife and kids.

i love your blog. so well said.
The exquisite joy of being alive adds extra flavor to everything!


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Thanks, Pete!


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Glad you started the blog. You are missed when you don't post. I'm not as active on here as before, but I'm on almost daily reading. Just busy right now. Sorry that you are having emotional problems. It's hard going through all this. You are always such an inspiration to the board.

Hugs! Kim

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I will check this out, I know to well about what you speak of, and the big C has hit to many i know, and its hard to stay. I come and go in spurts here.

Your post are greatly appreciated


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Survivor City
Gonna go check it out now :)

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Thank you Gail!

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Thank you for posting the live links..it's so very helpful for computer dumbies like myself. Your always so helpful.

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I have not been on too much either - many of us are no longer here on a consistent basis. Alot of the folks I have come to know the past 2 years have either passed away or they have left the board and come periodically to check in.

Lisa is right, the posts don't move like they used to. It's a different crowd and different times than it used to be. I certainly understand folks wanting to move on with their lives. Alot of folks went from posters to lurkers and everyone has got to do what they need to do. We lose alot though when our membership shifts, but I've learned that's life.

Since I finished up treatment, I've been back to working full time. I'm also working very hard on writing my book while I have the motivation and inspiration to do so.

I know that writing down your thoughts will be very cathartic for you and I will take a look and see what you got:)


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I put your blog on my favorites list (although you have personally always been one of my favorites) and will be checking in on it.

I, too, have not been posting much. Way too much distasteful drama. That seems to have gone away so hopefully back to posting and welcoming new members with hope, encouragement and letting them know they and their caregivers are not alone.

Take care - Tina

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I will be reading it as well.

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They can be very therapeutic, I kept one for a few years. It was a great way to get certain feelings out and also to vent about other things and to do it on my terms. I personally am not a big fan of the roll calls that are on here. Things like what happened with you can happen if everyone who didn't post in 3 days isn't included in the "red alert".
I realize they are done out of concern for others but I feel they could be done in PM's. That's just my opinion on that practice.

I'm sorry that you had to experience more cancer with people in your life, it's tough to deal with at times. I noticed you weren't here but figured you needed time off.

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i read your blog.what a great way to just let all of your emotions out and help people too.i do miss you when you are not posting on here.you were one of my first friends on here back in 2008.i still need your support.i will be keeping up with your blog....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Left a comment on your blog but doesn't look like it took, but anyway good for you on getting away and hoping and knowing that CEA is going to be great. Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs! Kim

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