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da vinci laproscopic partial nephrectomy

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Hello all, I went to the urologist today, and he is planning on a da vinci (robotic) laproscopic partial nephrectomy. I looked at the website that I found when reseraching him, and found several individuals who posted positvely about the procedure from several different states, not all his patients of course.

I have a 2.9 cm growth on the botom of my right kidney and he indicated I would be a good candidate for this procedure. He was very optimistic about recovery, but I feel funny talking to someone much younger than my ripe age of 48 when it comes to being my surgeon/urologist. He has carried out quite a few of these procedures both for kidney and prostrate.

Bad thing is, I will have to wait until late july or early august to get in. I was willing to go in tomorrow, but it is in part due to his schedule as well as the da vinci robotic schedule. It will be hard to stay focussed over the next month, but I will do all I can (including yard work) to get my mind off this. I will certainly be giving my 3 and 6 year olds a lot of loving.


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My Urologist/ Oncologist is my daughter's age and 2 years older then my son. When I was first referred to the 20 member Urology practice I started with one of the Senior partners. When my CT scan came back positive for RCC I was referred to the newest guy in the practice who had just finished a fellowship in Laproscopic Surgery at Baylor University. Laproscopic and DeVinci surgery are all both relatively new and for the most part all of the Surgeons doing this are very young. As you get older the doctors get younger and younger and so do the nurses.

Best wishes.


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Hi BG I had a hand assisted laparoscopic right nephrectomy in Mid April of this year. Just as many others on this site my tumor was found by accident. From discovery of the tumor to operation it was about a seven month process. The time from when it was determined that my tumor was in fact growing and needed to be removed to the surgery was about a month and a half. I was like you and wanted it removed as soon as possible the wait was agonizing to much time to think about the what ifs. Put your faith in a higher power and medical science . Believe it or not they do these procedures alot you should be fine. Please keep us posted people here really care.


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