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Follow up PET scan

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Question for you all: I am now 5 months NED and my schedule for follow up is every 3 months scope with the surgeon. No more PET scan necessary so they say. Should I push for one after 12 months? My alternative doc told me that chances of it reoccuring at the anal area are slim to none since they radiated it. However, if anything, slim slim chance it could show up somewhere else?

Also, I will soon post the recommendations from my alternative doc. He is an MD and into alternative medicine. He suggests to put me on a regime of 4 different drugs to assure that the cancer does not come back anywhere. He calls it an insurance policy. I will keep you all posted for consideration. I am getting a second opinion now.

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I am 29 months post treatment. My radiation doctor ordered a pet scan as a follow-up and my insurance company Aetna would not approve the procedure even though they he has been doing pet scans every 3 months prior to this one which was 5 months out from the last one. The insurance company says their poilicy considers Pet Scans unnecessary for surveillance purposes. This is just a cost cutting measure from the insurance companies at our possible expense. I went ahead and paid out of pocket for the pet scan.

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I would recommend that if your doctor really feels the PET scan is necessary that he push the insurance company for approval. Often times they will reverse their decision, based on information from the doctor. It's worth a try. If they will not approve a PET, then a CT would be the next best thing (and some doctors use MRI). Bottom line, if your doctor wants you to get a scan at some point and a PET is not approved, then go for a different type of scan.

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My Doctor conferenced with the insurance doctor and they still denied the Pet Scan. I am appealing this decision. My doctor is providind a letter of Medical Nesessity. I am now at my second level of appeal with my insurance company. hen the only other rememdy is in a civil court. He says CT scan will not give him the results he needs.

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hear what the "insurance policy" consists of. I have been doing some research for the best supplements to take to avoid recurrence. I am hoping to start a regimen as soon as I finish the steroids I am currently on for inflammation of my radiated lung.

Good luck with the insurance company, they can certainly be infuriating!

Wishing you the best!

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