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scope CLEAN!!!!!!

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Joined: Dec 2010

GOOD NEWS. My 5 months scope came back clean... NED! So happy I could hug the whole world but especially all of you. I decided to start something I have not done before each time I get good news. My friends call it midlife crises... I call it happy to be alive. Now, I am going to learn how to ride a motorcycle... who is in??

So happy. So happy. So happy!

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Hello, This is great news! and I know how relieved you must be. I already know how to ride a motorcycle and rode them as a teenager. Be careful and have fun. Lori

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Joined: Jun 2009

Great News! So very happy for you....

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Joined: Jun 2011

great news !!

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Joined: Nov 2009

So glad to hear the great news!

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Joined: Jun 2011

Good for you. Be careful on that bike.

Praise God for his healing hand on you


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Joined: Jan 2011

So happy for you, too! Ride that motorcycle, girl!

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Great news on the clean scope! I'm so happy for you!

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Joined: Apr 2011

Great news!!!! Have fun... Be careful... God bless

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Joined: Sep 2010

Great News!!! Learn how to ride a motorcycle, they are fun, just be careful. I am happy for you!!!!

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My husband is an avid motorcyclist. Please take a riding class before you buy a bike. You'll learn how to ride and that will help you choose your bike.

Really I am sending you such a big hug and kiss!

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