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Getting better

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I am daughter of mum (61yrs) diagnosed with ppc stage IV and we live in europe. I have written my mums bad status here but now I have to share that she is responding to her chemo with tox/plat (4 cykels) and can soon leave the hospital to be out in her own garden! For us its fantastic news! They will not do a CT scan and a CA125 test again to see everything is going in the right direction towards a remission. Her CA went down from 2000 to 200 last chemo. She have problem with her stomach, now solved as the "sandcorns" made a "cookie" at one place, stopping all activity down there.. She will have advanced cancer home care. And she will need extra oxygen for a while but it is going better than we hoped. Wanted to share with you all.

Love Millie

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Hi Millie ,

Its nice to read your mum is getting a little better, and lovely that she can come home , it makes all the difference.
The ca125 numbers are certainly heading in the right direction....Yippee!

xxx Liz xx

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I have PPC and was diagnosed in Oct. 2009, had debulking surgery and then 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. Was in remission for 6 months and then my CA125 count started rising, started doxil in January 2011, have had 6th round of doxil, will see doctor on the 18th and chemo again on the 25th of July. In August will have a muga and ct scan and doctor will decide if I can take a vacation from chemo.

I know this is a cancer that will be a never ending process but at this time I am able to work a little and play with my grandchildren and are glad to be alive.

Wish everyone the best with your treatments and hope to hear good news from each and every person we find with PPC.

Thanks for our own message board, it was hard to go through the ovarian and other rare cancers to find a topic that fit ours.


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That is good news you guys! Keep up these happy posts! Even though I have secondary peritoneum cancer, I, too, am viewing it as chronic with treatments every once in awhile.

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Good to know that you can play with your grandchildren Vicki :_

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How are you doing? I have PPC. I was diagnosed June 2010, total hysterectomy...6 months of carbo/taxol/Avastin. Now on maintenance with Avastin since Dec 2010. all my CTS are clear....my last chemo maintenance is Oct 27th and then CT...we will see how I am doing...CA 125 remains under 10.....I feel fair...just lots of side affects...don't work...and my attitude is slipping....is this common? I hope that you are doing better..my doctor says she gives me good prognosis...I can't imagine living the rest of my life on chemo and worry.... but, if there is not a cure.....???? I think there is not a cure for asthma....only treatment....there is not a cure for diabetes....only treatment, maybe there is hope for us!! I hope things are well, Vicki.

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Hi Millie,

to think that your mother will be back in her own garden again is wonderful!
It's great news :)


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It was actually encouraging to read about your mothers health
my mother is even diagnosed with the 3c ppc
just now she had a surgery is now going on her second round of chemo....
after reading your post just hope that she performs better ....
Its a big positive hope for me as well....
may god bless your mother and mine too because they are really precious.

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Just wanted to share one thought with everyone out here
we will not loose our hope till our last breath..
Life is important to everybody , to us, our loved ones.....

So just be positive


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Many people do die before death I think, vidushi. I'm glad that you are not one of them. :)


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