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Toxicity-Free Chemotherapy

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My mom has just been diagnosed with lung cancer (still waiting on some tests so not sure which stage, we think 2B or 3A), and are waiting on her first treatment. Her oncologist has asked for EGFR mutation test, in which case we were told she will start a combination of chemotherapy and IRESSA. Anybody else had this test?
Since we are very new at this, we have been looking at various treatment option and have found toxicity-free chemotherapy by Dr. Matsumura at Cancer Institute International. It sounds promissing and expensive (we live in Canada so that would add to the cost) but we are unable to find more information. Their website is not very informative and emails with them have not yielded more information. They claim it is because Dr. Matsumura got burned by big corporations when he invented bio-artificial liver that he is now holding information close to his chest.
Has anybody explored this option? If so, what has been your experience and would you recommend it? If not, have you heard anything about it from somebody else?
Right now, we are very sceptical but one cannot dismiss this if there is any hope.


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The story about being burned by big corporations, no no no. These scammers always have a story like that, please don't fall for it!

If your mom has already been diagnosed with lc, then the doctor may already have tissue to test for the mutation. Did she have a biopsy? If she has the mutation she will likely benefit from the same medicine that I take, Tarceva.

Her doc might also test for the ALK mutation, which opens up other possibilities for treatment.

Your mom has a lot of options, don't fall for miracle cures or "non-toxic" chemo!


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Thank you for your post, stayingcalm. We have posted on other forums and your opinion matches others'. It is good to have confirmation for our own scepticism.
Yes, they have the tissue and we are currently waiting for the results. She had had a biopsy. We have heard about Tarceva as well, and read quite a bit about it. We are not sure if they are testing for all mutions at the same time, but I hope so. We are also waiting for PET scan to see if the cancer is in her lymph nodes. Right now it is only in her right lung, nothing in the brain or bones (although some pain in the bones due to cancer). It is all very individual but reading posts here gives us hope.

Thanks again.

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The reason wizards like that keep the detail close to the vest is to hide the fact that they've got nothing. If they did, they'd have the Nobel prize to go along with it.

The ever-popular theory that somebody's got a secret possessed by nobody else who's in the business of serving people in desperate need appeals to human nature (frailty?) and keeps unnumbered charlatans in business at the expense of people who probably can't afford the costs, and who definitely don't deserve to be misled along with every other burden they're shouldering.

Would any of us, if we had a discovery that would truly help people in dire need, keep it secret? On principle, I would hope not, but even if the goal were to get as stinking rich as possible, there's no way secrecy (real or for effect) could beat the mass market.

It fails logic in so many ways.

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I am not familiar with this treatment,. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer NSCL last March (see my post). My oncologist prescribe Tarceva and had been working very well. My tumor shrunk and I have been tolerating side effects. Is yooy doctor an oncologist? You should consult an oncologist and follow their instructions. Good luck and be blessed.

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