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Taking the Cyberknife plunge (finally!)

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Finished up my first Cyberknife treatment today after taking a curvy path.
All went well and based on advice from other participants on this site, my 5 treatments will be conducted every other day. I drove home by myself after the 40 minute session and feel fine except for minor burning when urinating and minor urgency. This too shall pass.

For those interested, I was diagnosed March, 2011, 2 of 12 cores malignant @ 10%, Gleason 6, T1c, PSA 14.2. My PSA has been between 6-8 since 1996 but it was supposedly due to BPH or prostatitis. Two biopsies in 1996 (18 cores) were negative. It is now believed that the cancer was indolent for all that time.
Rising PSA in January, 2011 resulted in a March biopsy. Infection set in after 2 weeks in spite of cipro. After much research and prayer, I decided on Cyberknife (CK) although not covered by my Kaiser of Colorado insurance. I called all 4 CK providers in Colorado and one offered me a substantial up-front discount. The facility has the latest of CK robotic machines and the radiologist is well respected.
Kaiser suggested radiation but I did not want to go to 40 sessions. DaVinci surgery was possible but the surgeon does not have enough experience for my comfort (300 procedures) and I did not like the potential side effects.
Fiducials were placed during May, 2011 and the process was immensely hurtful. It was the first fiducial procedure for the urologist, so please go to someone with experience.
Although I took cipro, sepsis infection set in a week later and I was placed on 3 weeks of Cephalexin / Keflex. The CK RO wanted to wait until I finished the antibiotic and I was placed on Flomax 4 days before today's procedure.
Unless there are significant events, I won't post daily but I will do occasional updates. I am glad that I made the Cyberknife choice. Thanks to this site's support and info.

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Glad you have finally started this phase of your journey. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Glad you have finally started this phase of your journey. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Only another week to go.........wishing you the best

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Best wishes on your treatments and beating this cancer!


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Soon, these events will become part of your history.
Hope for a continuous treatment with no problems and for a quicker recovery.


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good luck

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Good luck, JJ!

Looks like you chose CK for the same reasons I did. Hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted on your post-treatment progress.

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