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Dr visit

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I will be have my 6 month post surgery check up wed

psa after surgery was undetectable ,

maybe I will get zeros again , I have been doing ok , no pads , had nerve sparing surgery , and I guess it could be worse , I had a hard time with Drug companies , filling prescriptions ,

just wanted to check in I guess I am a little anxious about p.s.a result

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Its normal to have those feelings of anxiety before your psa test! I still do and I'm almost at the 2 year mark. Let us know your result and we will all be hopping for a good result on the test!


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I agree with Lewvino. I still have those feelings, too. In fact, when they're drawing the blood, I stare intently as it goes into the vial trying to see if I can determine anything with my naked eyes. Of course, I can't but it doesn't stop me from trying.
Keeping my fingers crossed for another zero for you, mattman!

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All will be OK.
Do not be anxious. Enjoy and go out with your family.


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Good luck tomorrow Joe. Say hi to Dr. Eastham for me. My appointment is July 13th. I am sure all will be good. Let us know how you make out. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you good results.
Take care,

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It is always that way, fear of the unknown !

Relax and enjoy your cancer free post surgery time!!


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