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Tace -- Feeling Fataigue , Nausea etc.

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My mother had TACE on 4th June. Though there was general fatigue in initial 2 weeks.

But on this weekend (after 21 days ) she is feeling very tired , nausea and pain in abdomen / neck etc.

Can some one suggest. I am very worried.

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Have you contacted the surgeon or the interventional radiology team who performed the procedure? The symptoms you describe are side effects that are usual after TACE; however I'm not sure about the timeframe. From personal experience, the side effects I felt within the first two weeks after both of my TACEs were pain (onset after about 1.5 days of the TACE and lasting about 48 hours with coinciding abdominal tenderness), fever of about 102 (lasted about 3 days), and fatigue after about two weeks that lasted about about one week after onset. My surgeon and IR team gave me contact numbers for questions and concerns, hopefully yours did also. Please give them a call as soon as possible. Hopefully her symptoms are something simple that can be alleviated with pain and anti-nausea meds. Take care, I hope your mother feels better soon and that her procedure is a big success!

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They have suggested blood test , rest was OK but there seems to be some infection.

Have started antibiotic yesterday

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