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Picc Line In - Sore-Pain-Help?

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Good Morning Everyone I received my picc line yesterday and ........they said I would not feel anything after it was in.WRONG It hurt going in. Dr said my veins were small so he had to go with the large vein, I do not remember the name, that runs all the way down to my hand. I had tingling and twiching in my wrist and elbow off an on. He said that my nerves we close to this vein and he could not see my nerves through the exray.

I am still in some pain this morning plus he put it in my right arm and I am right handed. It is really different. It feels like a pulling sinsation when I move a certain way and really sore. Not a sharp pain but a dull ache. Pain pills needed. Does anyone know the time it will take for the sorness to go away. It is not swollen or red and I do not have a temp. All in all life is good though. As always God Bless

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Hello, Sorry for your pain. I had a port and I don't remember if I had any pain or for how long. Hopefully, the pain will subside after your body mends the area and you won't even know its there. About the pain pills, if you do take them realize that they cause constipation, so you need to counteract that with the foods you eat. I took pain pills starting about the 3rd week of treatment. Because the treatment may cause diarreha the constipation is not such an issue. I wish you well Lori.

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So true about the pain pills. I ate prunes for dinner last night and they have prescribed ducolax. Finally it was like a tsunami but I was a most grateful person. I was warned by my physician (internist) NOT TO LET MYSELF GET CONSTIPATED. But I haven't even had treatments and they have me on a low dosage of morphine already. I think it's because I have had so much pain down my legs for so long and that probably has to do with the location and size of my tumor. Who knows but I am grateful for the pain meds and plan to "stay ahead" as my oncologist warned me to do. One in the morning and one at night and Vycodin up to six times a day as needed. (I only needed one so far today when the dog jumped on the port the morning after surgery:-( They are great for stuff like that!

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it will be sore for a little while. depends on how you heal. i stayed really sore for a week but after that I could always feel it. they use the right arm because it is closest to the major vein that they are trying to use to transport the chemo. (my relatives thought that i was over reacting because other folks at MDA had no trouble with their picc line , but we are all different.) just another thing to get used to during this mess. good luck sephie

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I've had two now, and they are ncomfortable. Ask your doc about a sleeve so the valve doesn't dangle. Try that

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I was sore for about a week. It was bad for the first few days and I actually thought something was wrong. They checked it and all was well. It takes a little while for the sensation to ease.


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Thanks for all the comments. The pain has lessen but I did figure out that the dressing they put on the line was very binding. I released a portion of the dressing and automatic relief. It is amazing that when you tell them it hurts, they do not check to make sure something they did is the problem.

I think I will be able to leave it in now for the 8 weeks or more. Happy Happy

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They surgically implanted a port in my chest. This is where the chemo infusions were input. I had no problems with the port except to be careful not to bump into anything where the port was. After one time of bumping into a shelf I did not bump into anything again-OUCH!!!!

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My pic line ached for the first day or two...but after that ..free sailing.I also had it in my left arm( I am right handed.)I used one of my husband's gym socks to cover it..worked well.When i showered i kept the chemo pack on a stool right outside the door.I also used the hand shower so i wouldn't get my arm wet.I had it in for about 7 weeks with no problem. I hope this is helpful.Hugs..alyse

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