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HelliC, I like your new picture.

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Hi Helli

I like your new picture. It also looks like you were either on vacation or on some type of cruise. I hope both! Keep that smile! I hope you are feeling good and enjoying the summer.


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Yes - thought it was about time I updated my pic to show my slow growing hair! We were on a cruise to Norway and Scotland. Had a lovely time, although the weather was changeable. We shared our dinner table with a lovely couple from Baltimore. (I am from the UK, but the cruiseline was Holland America, so a lot of the guests were from the USA).

Your pic makes me smile, thinking of your little bot on the hot car bonnet (sorry - I think you call it a hood?). I read your post saying that you had had to climb in through the hole to get the keys - made me laugh, bless you!
Keep healthy

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Double Whammy
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And I think your hair is really cute. It's actually quite flattering. I liked you "do" before, but maybe I like it better short. What are your plans?

I'll get a new picture up after I get my permanent makeup (brows and liner) finalized. My hair, unfortunately, hasn't changed - just a little longer. So when I'm touched up and all healed from the last of the make-up, I'll put on my wig and post a photo. An after photo. I feel sooooo much better having brows and liner. Should have done it before I had chemo, but who thinks of those things? Oh, I'll tell you who - my friend Wendy. She got her brows done before she had chemo. Mine didn't fall out until after.


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To be honest, I have no real plans! Just glad that it's coming back and feel sad for you that your's is taking a tad longer. Somehow, in the midsst of all the surgery and treatments, I didn't factor in the long climb back up the hill to looking "normal" again after chemo was finished, so I know exactly how you must feel. But it's all in the game, I guess.

Lots of people have said they like mine short, so I may keep it shorter than it was before, but not quite as short as it is now! I think I'll also stay with the grey a while, since I'm not keen to use chemicals again. Since the pic was taken, my hairdresser has been along to tidy it up and cut away all the fluffy, curly bits. Now looks quite "styled" - many people say a bit like Dame Judi Dench (actress), although I am not quite sure how to take that, as she is much older than me - ha ha!

I wish I'd thought of the idea of perm eyeliner etc before chemo, too. The time I saved on not styling my hair was taken up with painstakingly drawing on brows and liner every morning - otherwise I just looked ghostly! I still wear makeup, but it takes much less time now I have some brows and lashes back!

Looking forward to seeing your new pic - I love to know what the ladies on this site look like - have you noticed that those who put a pic on have always got beautiful, radiant smiles? Just shows how strong we all are in the face of this darned beast!

Wishing you health and hairgrowth!

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