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Return of Uterine cancer from 2006

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When I had my yearly check up earlier this month, the Dr. found a mass on my right lung (they seem to be at the back of the lung and in the top half). I had a CT scan and it was recommended that I have a PET scan and a biopsy. I went Monday 20 June for the PET scan and then the CT scan guided needle biopsy. I got the results yesterday - there were two places on the lung and they got a biopsy of one of the places. It showed that it was the Uterine cancer that I was diagnosed with in 2006. I actually had Uterine/Ovarian cancer and had six chemo treatments (Taxol and carboplaxin(?) and then 5 weeks of radiation treatments and 3 vaginal radiation treatments. Now here it is almost 5 years later and the Uterine has returned in my lung. The internist said that the rest of the torso seemed to be clear with no cancer seen on the PET scan. I go see my Oncologist/Gynecologist on Tuesday to see what he says about a plan of treatment. My CA125 numbers have been under 10 since before the third chemo treatment. I am scared.

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That is just crappy news to get after so long. I am sorry that you have to go through this again. I have multiple lung nodules and had them show up only 9 months after my dx. I had carbo/taxol, then had some time off and then they started to grow again so I went on doxil which kept them stable again. Then of course they started up once more and I went on carbo alone which did not work, so we changed to Taxol alone which did the trick once again so now I am on a vacation from chemo, but I am going to take Tamoxifin while I am off harsh chemo and see if this keeps the nodules stable. I did not get a biopsy just a ct scan to see if the nodules grew and they did. This time with Taxol low dense the nodules even shrunk some. I couldn't do Taxol any longer because of the bad side effect getting worse with each round of treatment. Don't be scared, if I am still here there is a chemo treatment for you which I bet they put you on carbo/taxol again. How big was your mass? One of mine went up to 10mm. My CA125 was not a good indicator for me, so my doc says. Keep us posted and here's best wishes for you.
Hugs from Oregon,

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I am so sorry that you have recurred after such a long time. One tends to feel that getting to the 5 year mark means you're free and clear. I also had a similar experience but with breast cancer which came back after 6 years. I have been lucky that so far, 12 years later that has yet to recur. I also have been fighting uterine papillary serous cancer since late 2007 and am currently dealing with recurrence of it as well. Having been cancer-free for 5 yrs should at least leave many treatment options available to you and that is a very good thing.

Welcome to our group but I wish you did not need to join us. Since you do, you will find many supportive and knowledgable ladies here to help you.

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What a blow! I am so sorry that you got to the 5 year mark and it has reared it's head again. But as there has been such a long gap and as carbo/taxol worked so well for you last time, you may well be offered the same combo again, as it really does deliver a strong punch. Please don't be scared - there are many ladies on this site who have recurred and are still kicking this beast - you will knock it back into remission too! Please remember that we are all here to support each other through our good and bad times.
Kindest thoughts

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After reading your posting, I am becoming nervous.
I start my last cycle of taxol/carbo tomorrow of 6 cycles.
I had uterine cancer, IB II, because it touched the cervix walls.
I had an appointment yesterday, and asked the doctor about a 4 mm nodule in my lung, we found back in March in a CT scan due to a bowel obstruction.

My doctor says I will get a X-Ray as soon as I am done with chemo.
He also told me back in March that sometimes some of the normal.
I hope that if it were cancer, it is gone with the chemo.
The radiologist suggested a complete CT Scan of the chest to establish an optimal base line
My CA 125 has always been below 21 and now is 3.

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I am so sorry if anything I said has scared you. I hope that the nodule shows complete reduction on your next x-ray! A CA125 score of 3 is magnificent - I believe that reference range is anything under about 30, so that's a great sign. Good luck with your last taxol/carbo cycle - I am sure it will knock everything back - it's a potent punch!
Kindest wishes

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I too have a spot on my lung which was noted on chest xray prior to my surgery. I had a CT and it was determined to be probably a scar from pneumonia. However I get a CT or MRI done of the chest yearly by my pulmonologist to look for any changes.
I am saddened to hear that you are fighting it again but as there are many of us living with a chronic condition mindset. That is what our cancers can become if we are fortunate enough to keep it all at bay. I understand your fear....

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