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papillary thyroid cancer/colon cancer

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I was diagnosed about three years ago with papillary thyroid cancer. I colonoscopy today that showed some polyps -- they are testing them to see if they are cancerous. Has anyone else had colon cancer after thyroid cancer?

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Hi. Sorry to hear of your problems. Did you have a lot of polyps in your colon? If so there could be a connection. Ask your physician about FAP or attenuated FAP.
Hope all goes well for you.

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I have heard that there is a connection between Thyroid cancer, skin, breast and colon cancer. Lots of people have polyps in the colon however that are not cancerous. Hope all goes well.


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I am not looking forward to it but I will probably be set up with a colonoscopy when they go through my entire medical record to determine my disabilities.

if anyone has a more info about other cancers that could be related with some link to the articles so I can prepare my request to be checked for other things.

I have my first VA appointment on Friday and they will start to determine what they need to check me for to make a proper medical report on me and I want to make sure they don’t miss anything important (like cancer).

I figure it’s the last time I get a free what to you want to be tested for checkup and I’m willing to do the whole gambit of tests. That is one nice thing about the military they may break your body and mind and all... but at the end they are willing to test you to see how much damage they have done.


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I also had papillary thyriod cancer, which I also had a colonospy resently-I also had polps, which were precancerous. The doctor told me that he would do another colonospy in 2-3 years. The doctor said my polp was very small in size, and I would have to wait to get treatment.  So, I know how you feel, it scary to think that the cancer came back.


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My dad was actually diagnosed with colon cancer first and then thyroid cancer about 2 years later. He had a spot on his thyroid 6 months after the initial colon cancer diagnosis, but they assumed it was a harmless nodule... ended up being Medullary. The good news is, they've had to pretty much change the entire initial diagnosis... he was originally diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, but the second opinion (it took him over 2 years to get one) shows that the mets are probably from the MTC... and where he is going pretty much said that's easier than Stage IV CRC. The mets haven't really done much either... He had most of his thyroid removed on Monday and the little bit left (I think they said 2-5%) will be taken care of by some type of new chemo pills.

It is interesting... I wonder if there is some type of connection in either direction.

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