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scambuster busted or should i say banned I will miss him

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i got an email from scam that he crossed the line and got banned.

on a personal level and just my opinion he really helped with good info and links and

he was not negative about csn, just indicated that this phase of his life was over and onto greener pastuers.

i just want to acknowledge the advice he gave me about mcp may save my life. he was right on the ball about mcp beating metestasis. dam i hope scam was right.

i will miss him and our forum is less diverse with his departure.

farewell my friend, i will always be grateful, every morning i have my mcp shake i think of scam.



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that's so odd. In all the years on here this banning thing has hardly happened to my knowledge. I can only think of one awful person who was creepy and stalking who got banned. Others were probably on here and booted off so fast that I didn't get to know them.

Do you know what made scam get banned? His posts didn't seem the sort to evoke banning but then I don't really know where the line is for that I guess.

peace, emily

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Scambuster was one of the first people to greet me as a caregiver on the Head and Neck board.

He always put support and encouragement ahead of his personal opinions about treatment modalities. At least, that's how I took it.

He shared his experiences and I personally found good advise, just from that.

Pete, I agree with you about the loss of diversity.


pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

scam was great, don't have particulars in detail and its not what i wanted to go over in the post.

rather focus on the positive contribution he made and help. Its nice to see he was appreciated and will be missed. MCP thats a cheap no brainer.



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tina dasilva
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I'm sorry to hear that .but one question what. Is mcp shake?

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I,d like to know too!

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Nana b
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Wow to ban someone that has cancer must be worse then having cancer itself, no? I mean, we all really need our support. Hmmm...

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Me three....what's an MPC shake??

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ME 4 what is MCP? I am taking in lots of lemon since I was told it attacks cancer cells.

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Posts: 3908
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i am in fiji at wananavu resort, a little piece of paradise.

an mcp shake, is simply a tablespoon of mcp and 400 ml water in a stainless milkshaker and then mixed.

i used to run a cafe in the center of sydney around the olympics, when the kids started i decided to get a life. i sold the cafe business kept the building but took the milk shake maker, a good commercial milk shaker.

yes how ironic i don't have milk anymore.

i use the shaker to mix my potions sometimes. with slippery elm, gut relief, metamscil,
and a few other naturopathic powders.

today i had a quick protien milk whey poweder and egg milkshaked and all my supplements.

all credit goes to scam for broadenig my horizon may he rest well off csn. i wanted to do anything thst would help fight mets so mcp is what i use. i had lunch witha doctor who was involved in mcp and cancer research, not colorectal, but it gave me a huge boost to know a friend by co-incidence had helped research mcp benefits.




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I will miss scam too.

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