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Kerry's Burial... Message from Susie

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Hey Semi's!
Kerry's wife Susie asked if I would share this email with you all. I sure miss the old coot!!!

Hi Jennie. Well we did it. We celebrated Father’s Day and the spreading of Kerry’s ashes last Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and the boys and their families came down Sunday afternoon. I wanted them to be able to spend alone time with their family to celebrate Father’s Day and not to come down here and do a lot of work. Of course they did mow the front lawn for me. We cooked on the grill and had a great meal. After we did the dishes (a Susie must), we loaded up the Kubota truck and Dan’s Jeep with a rake, jugs of water and plastic cups and headed down to the pines. Dan played a John Denver CD and I filled up the cups with Kerry’s ashes and each one of us spread them around Kerry’s beloved pine trees. We raked the ashes into the soil and poured water over each one so, God forbid, he wouldn’t blow into Dent County. We then put all the cups together and set them afire and we all said what we wanted about Kerry. I was so touched about the wonderful things my boys said about their father. Preston, my 15 year old grandson said he learned more about life from his grandpa than anybody else. It was the first time I have ever seen my daughters-in-law cry and each one of them has lost a parent or two and I was at their funerals. Poor Dan had tears rolling down his face and just talked and talked about his father. He and Kerry were very close.

After we emotionally recovered, we loaded up and headed back to the house. We had homemade coconut cream pie and strawberry shortcake which were some of Kerry’s favorites. We all felt good about our ceremony and followed Kerry’s wishes, even though we added the John Denver on our own, but he loved John Denver and Dan wanted to do it. The next day I saw two deer down at the pines walking all over Kerry. I’m sure he was smiling down from heaven because that’s what he wanted. Yesterday there were two turkey hens with lots of babies scratching down there and I swear I heard a chuckle from up above.

Even though I feel so good about getting his ashes out of that box and under the pines, it now puts a kind of finality to Kerry. I talk to him every day and sometimes I cuss at him for leaving me with all these things to fix, but it sure is lonely. The house hasn’t even had a nibble. My agent says nobody does much looking until July. People are so busy with vacations in June and there is not much looking in that month. I am ready to get out of here. I can’t imagine living here through the winter. Please pray that this house sells fast!

How is Buzz doing? I think of him all the time and wonder how he is doing. We have lost quite a few friends lately from cancer and now I can picture them all up in heaven together. I know they are in heaven because they already paid their penance here on earth. Would you do me a favor and tell the forum about our ceremony. I think that would be a way for Kerry to say his final goodbye to them all. Keep in touch Jennie.

Love Susie

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Dear Jennie, thank you so much for sharing Susie's message.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Kerry's life and what he meant to his family.

Hugs, love and best wishes to all who are missing Kerry.

Marie who loves kitties

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kerry at rest with the pines and deer and turkeys.

its a nice image.



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A somewhat sad, but heartwarming experience for Kerry's family. May they each be at peace.



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for posting the message. We often wonder about the families left behind. I picture Roger and Kerry, finally meeting although not the way any of us wanted, and talking and talking and talking, Kerry was very fond of Roger.

Take care - Tina

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to start the morning out crying, but Susie words about their ceremony were so beautiful it led me to big ole' crocodile tears.
Praying that the house sells.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I had a lovely picture in my mind of Susie and the rest of Kerry's family while reading this. I will be praying for Susie to sell the house and for her to feel comforted and not so lonely.

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Thanks for sharing, Jennie. It made me cry good tears. I miss that old coot, too.

Praying for Susie. I hope she finds something to ease the loneliness and that the house sells fast. It's going to be a long haul for her, and I so wish her the best.

Love and Hugs,


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Nana b
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Very nice indeed! Your hose will sell, it comes with a great caregiver! Big Hug!

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What a touching ceremony. Kerry was there as big as life too just within the surroundings. Sure do miss him. Tell her thank you for sharing that with us.


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What a powerful story and beautiful final send off for Kerry.. What a great guy.
Thanks Jennie

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What a lovely gathering for Kerry. I really miss him on this board. He was so full of encouragement and jokes and fun. I will pray that your place sells. I hope you get the chance to be somewhere new before the winter.
Your sons sure do honor to their dad.


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"We raked the ashes into the soil and poured water over
each one so, God forbid, he wouldn’t blow into Dent County."

Damned Dent County anyway.....

I'll miss you, you old fart.


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Susie...I as you still miss him...he was taken to quickly and way to soon. He is though at rest and peace and will forever be in my heart, in our hearts here and everywhere we are. He is a wonderful man and human being, he is ornery, quick witted, and loved his family and all that family stood for and made no bones about it...He is a great man that will always be here with us and I remember and think of him every time I cook bacon.....his second love...LOL...I am better to see you and a few more return to allow us to feel necessary enough in all of your lives to be informed of things as personal as some of this is. I feel as though we are a part of your family as I would hope is reciprocal. I too hope that your life now will go as smooth as possible and all be to your liking from now on....We have certainly been through enough...its time to rest, its time to remember, and may all your memories be great ones and keep you with a little smile knowing that he is there with you all the while watching and speaking to you...and its perfectly fine to answer.......Love to you sweet Susie, you will always be in my heart as will your partner..........buzz

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A very touching post Buzz I know how much the ol coot meant to you.

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LOL!!!! Ditto

Jennie, thanks so much for sharing Susie's post.

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Jennie, thanks for sharing this!


This sounds like a lovely way to remember your dear Kerry! What a beautiful memorial!


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