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I'm home from the hospital

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Hello Everyone,

I got discharged from the hospital at about 8pm earlier this evening (Thursday). Stayed overnight Tues and Wed nights. I'm doing fine now & did find out the source of my pain since they gave me a sigmoidoscopy with ultrasound (after practically begging them and crying to a doctor in the hospital- another doctor who was great intervened for me and the tests arranged). I also had lots of bloodwork and even a fecal sample tested for infections or bacteria (fortunately that came back negative for anything). They did find out that there is no fistula, fissure, or abscess in the rectum, as I was suspecting. The source of my bleeding and pain is the rectal tumor itself. It was measured at 1.5 cm x 1.0 cm x 0.6 cm & it's growing into the muscle lining of the rectal wall. Now what to do about it- well, that will be discussed in a follow up visit with the surgeon.

I had another test that was totally unexpected and nothing to do with why I went into ER. When they did the CT scan on my abdomen where they were looking for any masses or infections or blockages (which they found none of), they saw something strange looking in the bottom of my lungs. So then they had me go back and get another CT- this time of the chest so they could look better at my lungs. They said what alarmed them was that several of my lung nodules have "holes" in them. I told them I already knew that- it was mentioned on the report of my PET/CT scan from March & my onc had said that was good and probably meant the centers of those nodules were becoming necrotic (dying off). The doctor at the hospital yesterday said that definitely could be the case, but that fungal infections in the lungs can also appear like nodules with holes in them. So he said that he needed to biopsy my lungs to be sure. I get the results of that test back on Monday. The dr. who did that procedure on me was very nice and very helpful in dealing with another doctor who had been difficult and made me cry (I was stressed and emotional and didn't like his attitude), so this other doctor was great.

So- waiting for results of biopsies from lung and rectum- should get Monday or sometime soon next week. In the meantime until something is done about my rectal tumor, I will have to rely on pain meds and just be meticulous about what I eat to not trigger the problems as much. Well gotta go- it's now 1:10 a.m. & I need to get some sleep.
BTW, I had a private room and I've never had such a nice rest in a hospital before- the door was closed and it was very quiet all night & they only came in once during the night for blood pressure, etc. I woke up feeling very well rested.

My son's graduation is tomorrow (Friday) night at 7pm. I'm so glad I'm home and will be there for it!

Again- thank you for your concern and comments on the other thread- I cherish you all :)


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I'm very happy to hear that you are home and most importantly you had a good rest!

Please enjoy the time with your son and hope everything goes to the good direction from now on!
Hugs and love

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So glad to see that you're home "safe and sound". Sorry you're having to wait so long for the darn surgery. Hope you see the surgeon soon and get the ball rolling.

Take Care,



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dear lisa,

just so glad your trip to er was positive in a sense.

the devil we know we can deal with, the unkown well that best left to god.

now you know, the balls in your court.

i hope your doctors really care for you the way you deserve.

love and hugs,


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So happy you'll be able to make your sons graduation, such an exciting time in his life. Also relieved that you are doing better! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer.

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Glad you are able to go to your son's graduation. Glad the compassinate doctor intervened. It was probably vey good to go ahead and get a biopsy of the lung. Sometimes going to the ER is less exacerbating, they can get things done, without all the stress of the patient having to micro-manage everything. I am curious if the surgeon you mentioned is a new surgeon (the one from Sloan). I really hope so, but of course, you have to be comfortable with your decision. I just thought how the previous surgeon didn't get back in touch with you, was unacceptable.

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Hope you enjoy graduation!.

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So, happy your home and able to go to the grad...enjoy :)

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Home from the Hospital Yippee. At least you got some answers to the puzzle. Now the waiting for more pieces continues. You have been at this for a while so you know how the whole scenario goes, test, wait, more test, more wait, then appointments.

Enjoy the graduation, get some rest, get that pain under control. Cancer can wait while you enjoy yourself a little.

Love and Hugs - Tina

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Lisa -- So relieved you are home -- and that you got to the hospital and got attention and pain relief. I do hope you are able to attend your son's graduation! A joyous event -- congratulations. Hope the pain relief continues to work. Everything else will sort itself out, right :)

Lots and lots of love,

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Glad you are home and feling better. I know you will let us know test results as soon as you know. I am really curious about those lung nodules. Have a nice time with the fam. Love to you!


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I'm so happy you can make your son's graduation, I know how important that is to a mother!!!
Enjoy and rest and be well.
Winter Marie

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Hello Lisa, I'm glad your home and had all the testing to see what to do next. That would be wonderful if the nodules are dying or the infection, that could most probably be treated and naturally disappear.

I am an anal cancer survivor, and I know there must be a reason that the rectal tumor has not been addressed previously, but was wondering why it had not been treated or if it had, had it recurred. I hope they will give you a treatment plan to get rid of the rectal tumor for once and all. I wish you the best, and I'm sending prayers your way. Lori

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Hi Lori,

This rectal tumor is a recurrence. My original rectal tumor was treated with radiation and chemo for 6 weeks and it completely resolved/disappeared with biopsies of the area showing no cancer cells. With lots of discussion and especially since my cancer had already spread to the liver and lungs, my surgeon and I decided not to do a resection. I knew there was a chance of recurrence, but figured I'd deal with it "when" and "if". That was 3-1/2 yrs ago. About a year ago, PET scans started showing something in the rectum lit up again. We've been "watching" it, but I hadn't had any test that actually could give us a size measurement until yesterday's flex sigmoidoscopy with ultrasound. I'm probably facing surgery with a colostomy now, but can't deal with that immediately- maybe towards the end of the summer. Meanwhile, I'll be on pain meds, Lyrica for the nerve pain, and continuing chemo and the natural supplements.


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Is your Dr. supportive of this? My poor Dad -I've got him taking so many vitamins, he thinks every time I call or see him I'm going to push another pill on him! I admire your courage and resolve? I pray God heals you.

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Is your Dr. supportive of this? My poor Dad -I've got him taking so many vitamins, he thinks every time I call or see him I'm going to push another pill on him! I admire your courage and resolve? I pray God heals you.

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We've found most supplements can be mixed in large amounts with the low sugar versions of Boost or Muscle Milk and makes the pills less of a burden. Since then, we've moved on to building the shakes from scratch with healthier, cheaper components, e.g. whey protein instead of caseinate, modified citrus pectin instead of starch based thickners. We've started juicing, taken separately.

Only a few supplements are so nasty tasting they have to remain in the pill because of flavor issues. Others that need to be taken on an empty stomach, remain as pills.

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I'm so glad you had the tests done as you did and glad that they didn't find anything that you weren't aware of. Hoping that the lungs and rectal biopsies will determine what is the next course in your action. Glad that you had a sympathetic doctor. Just hate it when you have so much pain and want something done and the only way to be effective is to cry. Just breaks my heart that they have put you through so much. I'm glad you are pain meds, but be careful with that too as sometimes that can cause constipation (which I'm sure you already are aware of). Woohoo on son's graduation and thrilled that you could be there for that special day. You are in my continued prayers.


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wonderful news Lisa, so glad you found a good doc. to help you. Here's hoping your test results are good.
Hugs and prayers coming your way,

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Lisa, I'm glad that things turned out well and that you got to see your son's graduation.
Getting that "private" room must have been great too!

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I had no idea you were even in the hospital. I am so sorry to hear of this latest ordeal.

You will be in my prayers.

jeremiah 30:17 is my go-to verse.

peace, emily

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Is that the verse for a private room?
Just wondering in case I ever need one

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Lisa I have been thinking about you a lot. So glad to hear you're home and you got some answers. Hope you enjoyed your son's graduation. Is he planning on going to college. Stay strong and keep us updated.


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Thank goodness you are able to attend your son's graduation. I was praying my friend.

I'm glad the "good" doctor stepped in and listened to you. The other doc needs to just go away.

Thinking of you this weekend. I hope something good comes out of the biopsy.


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So glad to hear you are home again and that you are taking Lyrica, that does help alot.
Let pray that the tests all come back with good results, and they can help you get rid of this tumor.
Lots of love and prayers are send your way,


You never walk alone

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Happy to hear you were able to get information on what it was not. Wishing you are able to get good information and a plan when you talk to the surgeon.

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So glad you went to the hospital;had all those tests; and are now back home; especially in time for your son's graduation! Enjoy yourself at the graduation and keep on resting well.

I'll be interested to see about your lung biopsy results. My 6/10 PET showed an infection that we're watching (did a sputum test). Been getting better but of course the infection lit up the lungs though everything elsewhere was clear.

lots of love, Leslie

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I have an appt this Wed with a Moores Cancer Center pain clinic doctor. I don't know how they work differently than what pain meds the regular doctor would give me, but I guess I'll find out.

My son's graduation was wonderful- lots of family there since my niece also attended and graduated from the same school. My body cooperated & I actually felt good all that day and evening.

Yesterday it was pretty bad again, so I'm glad I'm going to the pain doctor this week. I really don't like to think about the possibility of major surgery and a colostomy... the jury is still out on that. I'm going to try to get through the next month and my cruise on July 31-Aug 7th before I get to planning any kind of surgery.

I haven't started the Lyrica yet that I mentioned before because the surgeon forgot to call that one in for me after talking about it & now she's on vacation for 3 wks, naturally. I was told her nurse would still be there, though, so I put in a call to the nurse to see if I can get that prescription taken care of. Hopefully that will happen soon & i can at least try the Lyrica (for nerve pain).

Awaiting on my lung biopsy results. I was told before I would get a call about it either Monday or Tuesday- so that should be today or tomorrow. I will definitely let you all know when I do.

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I hope the pain clinic will give you relief from your pain. I am also hoping that the lung biopsy will show no cancer or activity there. I am praying for good results. Lori

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Dear Lisa,

Goo luck to your lung biopsy results!!!! I have been praying for you...

Love Dora

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Happy that you made it home for graduation. Glad those folks got off their butt and helped get things straightened out.

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Thinking about you Lisa.. God Bless.

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Sending get-well wishes and prayers.


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about you getting the help you needed and deserved, and about being able to make it to your sons graduation!!!

Hope they can get that pesky tumor without too much fuss. Would it be something they could just burn out I wonder....

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I haven't been on the board for a few days but was so glad to see that you were able to get in and get checked. I hope you're feeling better as each day passes. Hang in there and know that you are being held up in prayer.

Take care,


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