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PET Scan considered clean

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Got the results of my PET today. There were some areas in my abdominal area that showed some activity, along with some uptake in the anal area consistent with PET from Dec '10 and previous post treatment PETs. They considered both consistent with radiation inflammation. My left lung is really scarred up from the radiation (totally expected), this may have some reduction with time. My right lung has enlarged to compensate for the damage and size reduction of the left one. My heart has been shifted a little to the left because of the right lung enlargement. Amazing how our bodies react. Nothing in the liver or any other area. I have an appointment with the Pulmonary Onc on Monday to access improvement of the pneumonitis and a follow up with my Med Onc in two months just to see how things are going. PET and CT in October. I am feeling blessed.

It is a journey and though we can only take it one day a time, right now I am feeling like a conquerer!!!

Thank you for the prayers, positive thoughts and kind comments. May each of you be empowered with the strength, confidence and determination to get you through!!!


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I am new to this but I will be praying for you.

If God brings you to it, he will see you through it

:) God Bless


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Sounds great, Joanne:)

Fascinating info on the enlargement of one lung and the shrinkage of the other and a shift in the heart. Wonder if that's the case for me too and nobody said anything? I'll have to ask next time; inquiring minds want to kno.

I'm in the middle of Chapter 4 right now and you know my book is all about "Journey and Enlightenment" so it's great to have some company:)

You've done well and I hope that all continues along that path.

I'll keep checking on you!


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Wonderful news! Thank you for letting us know. You are such a trooper and I am inspired each and every time I read one of your posts. I know you are going to kick cancer to the curb! Take care and know that you remain in my prayers.


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Hello, I'm so happy about the clear scan. Your right our bodies are truly amazing. I was told by my oncologist that after the lobe removal my lung would expand by at least 30%, and I really thing it did, as I'm breathing better than before the lobectomy. Of course quitting smoking has a lot to do with breathing better also.

I am sending prayers that the pulmologist will be able to treat your lung and help you breath better. I know that it took quite a while for me to breath better after the lobectomy, and hopefully as your lung heals your breathing will improve. I wish you the best. Please keep us posted. Lori

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I am so happy for your good news!!!You have gone through hell and have come out the other side.You are a fighter Joanne!

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YES!!!! Wonderful news to hear, Joanne. You have been through a lot and to hear this is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs, Marilyne

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Wonderful news! With such amazing and strong attitude you will get through anything! Love to you!

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It's amazing how good I feel about this scan. There seemed to be so much alarming news in it too. I think "will all this happen to me?" But then I realize YOU SURVIVED! Yipppeeeee!

I see life so differently than I did before I signed on to this site and I wouldn't go back to the way I was. I am glad to be sharing this with you.

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I was so happy to see your update and I am happy that your scan looks good. You're a fighter and I admire you so much.

Wishing you the best always,

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wonderful news.

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Congratulations! It sounds like you had good test results and I am happy for you, you did it! Our bodies are amazingly done, no one could possibly imitate its function. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you.

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Fran Chandler
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Just want to thank you for this site and all your help with it. I have been told I have a few spots showing on my liver now. Sept an MRI will check it again. Your are the greatest fighter I have met. Take care!

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