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My mother's scent

Tracy P
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My mother passed on November 20, 2010 from T-Cell Lymphoma (sezary syndrome). I’ve been dealing with it the best that I can. Back around mother’s day of this year, I would often sit on my couch and pick up a strange scent. At first I thought it was from the couch, or I thought maybe the kids spilled something on the floor. It wasn’t a bad scent, just a really unusual smell. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I asked my family if they smelled something strange or if it was just me (they said it was just me ). But I could swear that I smelled something. One night it was so pervasive, that I actually went to my vent on the floor to see if the scent was coming from the vent. I was apparently the only one who could smell it.
Earlier this month, I was watching a ghost show on Biography and someone was talking about smelling tobacco smoke whenever this ghost appeared. Then I had an epiphany… the scent that I had been experiencing, must have been my mother! I only smelled the strange scent around Mother’s day. I had been crying and melancholy around that time. And, I would smell the scent whenever I was sitting on the couch, usually alone. Every so often, the smell would return. But, the strange thing is that once I had this epiphany that this could be my mother, the smell ceased, and I have not smelled it since. I’m thinking it was my mother sitting next to me on the couch and comforting me. I still can’t identify the scent. Has anyone else had this experience of a scent?

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I have heard of this scent phenomenon several times, on TV and just friends talking about it but never experienced it myself that I know of. They say that if you smell roses, or flowers in general, it's the presense of an angel. I have had other experiences but not the scent one. I tend to believe more than not in things like that and I'm sure that the scent probably was a comfort to you, even though you didn't realize it at the time. Mothers know best. lol.

All the best.


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It's a late reply compared to when this was posted, but I thought I'd reply to it anyway. So, speaking of scent...you guys not going to believe what I did. When my Mom passed away, a couple days later I had to move and before I was picked up, I went into my Mom's wardrobe and looked for her favorite shirt...and I found it, and wrapped it tight in two plastic grocery bags. And you know what? When I dearly miss my Mom (and I do a lot) I would open the bag, but just a little bit, like a door at ajar, and I would put my face in it and SNIFF!!! :) It is soooooooooooo good! It soooooooooooooooooooo smells like her! It reminds me her with every ounce of my being! It feels so good to know she hasn't left fully. :) It's the best decision I have ever made, and I really really really hope that the plastic bag will never release that scent and that I could always smell that forever for the rest of my life. Indeed, when I'll grow up, and when I'll have kids I want them to sniff into it, so they know their grandma is around. :)

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