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To All: Thank you.

Spirit Island
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Joined: May 2011

I joined this network a week ago and I want to thank everyone. I knew I was not alone as a caregiver but felt alone until I joined and now, after reading what so many are going through and have been through I have learnt that I am not alone and that support is and has been here.
Some of what has been written has brought me to tears and some scare me because of what I believe is coming in the near future with my wife.
Thank you.

DaughterDearest's picture
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Hi there, Andy!

I completely agree with you when saying THANK YOU to everyone here. This site has been extremely beneficial. I read the discussion board constantly throughout the week.

Connecting with people who are living through similar situations has been very helpful. Makes me feel like I'm not alone. It gives me strength to go on, as well.

So yes, everyone, as Andy said...THANK YOU!

I wish all the caregivers nothing but health, strength, and courage.

To all caregivers: Try to find happiness anywhere you can. Grab and hold on to the things that make you smile. We need to remember to take time for ourselves; it's sometimes the only way to keep our sanity. Also, we must remember to keep ourselves HEALTHY! Take care of YOU, too. The last thing we need is to be sick while caring for someone ill.

Much love, hugs, and strength all around!

Spirit Island
Posts: 4
Joined: May 2011

Right on!!!!

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