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Facebook Group - Thyroid Cancer 411

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Joined: Jun 2011

Great site for men and women to discuss issues related to thyroid cancer and radioactive iodine. It's a closed group but they accept members so just ask to join.

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Pam M
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I don't need it, but will be passing it along to someone who does.

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I tried the 411 group and found it not very helpful. I removed it shortly after I joined. They have this weird theory about not giving advise or expressing your opinion. I just couldn't relate. It almost seemed more like a pitty party and complainer site. I was actually berated by the host for a simple observation on one of my posts. I just didn't find it very useful or helpful, but lots of others do. I find that the advise I get and information is much more useful from this site and others.

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havent gotten into it yet...

but if they dont want advice or people giving opinion... um dont bother.

I want info. I want help. I want advice and opinions. and im going to give them back as well.


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Thank's Craig - we look forward to you joining!

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Joined: Jun 2011

It's not a sight that meets the needs of all and we don't claim anything other than personal experience. Unfortunately, many that have been successful in their health and balance post TT and RAI, are not the members on these sites, as there is no need for them to look for more answers than their medical professionals have provided. I find that I have better conversations with my medical professionals because I am more aware of the possible issues and treatments with THYCA via this group of people. I find that letting people find what is best for them, by letting them make their own decisions - whether it be about a treatment or a facebook group, versus being negative, is what is most helpful.

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